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5 Signs of Hidden Drug or Alcohol Use

As per the World Drug Report 2017, as many as 29.5 million people globally suffer from drug abuse-related disorders. Alcohol and drug use have led several people to a point of total ruin, even as they find it impossible to prevent sliding down the slippery slope once they get addicted to it. And in such cases, it is essential that their near and dear ones spot early signs of such abuse so as to identify the need to put them through rehab. The following points will serve as a checklist for the same.

  • Social Withdrawal

There are two reasons why people who have developed an addiction choose to stay away from their loved ones. The first is obvious – they are aware that they would be found out, and hence, they prefer to hide so that they do not have to own up to their substance abuse. The second is a bit more problematic – that they have begun to prefer the company of the addictive substances than their kith and kin. This would typically happen when the addiction has progressed to an advanced level.

  • Physical Changes

People who are into drug abuse may exhibit changes in their bodies such as losing or gain suddenly, extreme laziness or hyperactivity, bloodshot eyes, nasal congestion or bleeding, fainting, a feeling of weakness, and lack of balance, and so on. If you are witnessing a person who you are close to experiencing such drastic physical changes without voluntarily making alterations to their diet and workout regime, there is a possibility that he or she might be suffering from drug abuse.

  • Mental Changes

A person who is regularly under the influence of an addictive drug will showcase major changes in their conduct. They may tend to sob uncontrollably, appear depressed, laugh too much for no valid reason, tend to get uncharacteristically angry, show signs of depression or emotional dependency. 

  • Experience of Withdrawal Symptoms

As seen in point 1, a lot of drug addicts often prefer to stay alone and away from the company. But if they are in presence of people for extended periods of time which means they are unable to have their intake of drugs, they may show withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, dilated pupils, clammy skin, mood swings, and may constantly be on the look-out for an excuse to sneak away.

  • Getting into Financial Trouble

Drug addicts may find their financial resources inadequate to fund their addiction, and as a result, may end up selling off property, or shrinking into debt. In times of extreme desperation, they may also not hesitate to steal money from their friends.

If you have any near and dear ones who are showcasing one or multiple of the above signs, it is time to immediately step in. Remember, timely intervention from close friends or relatives can prevent an addict to suffer irreversible consequences that may crop up due to substance abuse.

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