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  • Alcohol Addiction can be a big roadblock on your way to a better lifestyle. Here’s why.

Alcohol Addiction can be a big roadblock on your way to a better lifestyle. Here’s why.

Alcohol consumption has increased tremendously in the past few years. The young & old, both look forward to it as a major source of enjoyment. But times have changed. It has transformed from an occasional celebration to a regular activity. Unawareness and neglect has led to severe cases of alcohol addiction among many individuals. There has been a drastic increase in the number of alcohol deaddiction centers in India that offer treatment to overcome life-shortening effects & addiction problems caused by alcohol.

Physical problems caused by Alcohol Addiction

Excessive alcohol consumption intensely damages the physical capabilities of the individual. It results in

  • Physical inactivity leading to laziness and consistent procrastination during the day.
  • Destruction of liver cells, swelling and discomfort in abdomen.
  • Damage in brain cells that distorts the basic cognitive capabilities of the alcoholic.
  • Heart attacks and high blood pressure, which are a common occurrence among those indulged in rigorous alcohol consumption.

There are myriad other effects of alcohol addiction. Researches show that it can reduce life expectancy from 10 to 15 years.

Psychological Impact of Alcohol Addiction  

Alcohol not only damages the physical outlook but also twists the internal organ mechanisms of the alcoholic. Countless psychological effects have been observed by researchers in this field. These include:

  • Lack of sleep and disorientation of sleep patterns leaving the alcoholic tiresome all the time.
  • Frequent behavioral fluctuation, mood swings and personality disorders that are difficult to cope with.
  • Symptoms of withdrawal are noticed in alcoholics who don’t have access to alcohol. Anxiety, depression, nausea are some common symptoms that result from withdrawal.
  • Alcoholics lose all interest in activities which includes relationship with family & friends, sense of control and sometimes neglect the routine activities that need to be done.

Alcoholism also leads to risk taking behavior and stops the individual from making rational choices. Harvard studies show that one out of every three violent crimes are done under the influence of Alcohol.

Alcoholism is not a recent issue. As India moves towards fast-paced adoption of western culture, alcoholism has emerged as a major troublemaker. 

Alpha Healing Center offers a structured approach for alcohol deaddiction in India. Its luxurious residential facilities and holistic approach through CBT, Seminars, and Motivational therapy provide evidence-based alcohol addiction treatment for individuals struggling to overcome their heavy dependence on alcohol.

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