Alumni Community – Prime Part of Recovery

The Alpha Healing Center understands that aftercare and relapse prevention play a crucial role in serving clients to avert possible dangers to their soberness and having an enduring recovery. The important key to aftercare and relapse prevention is to have accessibility to support networks and recovery resources in as many ways as possible.

Moreover, The Alpha encourages support and adopts participation by all prior clients in their Alumni Community; which consists of peers, current staff members, aftercare providers from all over the world. Including provision of diverse aftercare and relapse prevention resources; in which the community boosts a variety of events like reunions, conferences, training, seminars, along with informal gatherings, on subjects related to recovery support and accomplishing a enduring recovery.

Provisions of An Alumni Community

  • Online Video Aftercare Programme
    When a client leaves Alpha they are just beginning their journey of recovery and face many challenges and temptations as they start their new life back home. To help make this transition as smooth as possible, we have created a special online Alpha Alumni Community featuring our popular Online Video Aftercare Programme – a programme that allows past clients to continue to interact with each other and receive support from our counselling team. Conducted securely online, both group and individual counselling sessions are available weekly.
  • Peer Support Network
    The Alpha Healing Center supports alumni to participate in the Peer Support Network by which ex-clients and addiction professionals from the surrounding areas commit to supporting each other through regular meetings. With ex-clients living a prosperous recovery worldwide, The Alpha Healing Centers touts of access to recovery support anywhere.

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