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  • Anger in recovery: the gateway to recurring relapses & health hazards

Anger in recovery: the gateway to recurring relapses & health hazards

Achieving emotional stability is a major indicator of healthy recovery. But sometimes, they overpower the addict’s will to attain a positive mindset. Emotions like anger & irritation cause major hindrances in drug addiction treatment as they trigger feelings that lead to frequent relapses in recovery. If an alcohol addict takes a decision in anger, it can trigger harmful consequences on his/her physical & emotional well-being and presents the risk of an irreversible relapse in alcohol addiction treatment.

Repercussions of anger in addicts during the recovery stage

Anger makes the addict struggle with sobriety. Embarrassment, anxiety, fear and unwillingness to accept the situation are the major causes of anger. A few threatening aspects of anger in drug addiction treatment include –

  • Anger is proven to damage internal body organs caused by excessive fatigue & exhaustion and leads to psychological health issues as well like insomnia, violence and rewires the brain into thinking negative thoughts.
  • The spouse or husband of the addict may be unware of the outbursts of anger that can seriously damage the relationship and create an ongoing rumble between the addict and his/her partner.
  • Excessive anger leads to frequent relapses and may cause the addict to turn back to the life-threatening older habits that can only be treated by seeking help from a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center.
  • While in recovery mode, frequent outbursts of anger cause the addict to part ways from his family & relationships as he/she might want to suppress the triggers of anger alone & seriously hurt everyone around them.
  • During later stages of recovery, releasing frustration at work may result in loss of employment that can overpower the addict and trigger violent acts that ushers to committing illegal activities & impulsive behavior.

Alpha healing Center is the leading rehabilitation center for deaddiction in India providing anger management therapy  to recovering addicts for a better lifestyle. With our state-of-the-art residential facilities, comprehensive behavioral therapies and supportive staff, we ensure that the addicts manage their emotions and escape frequent relapses in recovery.

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