How to choose an appropriate de-addiction center?

Having to select a de-addiction or rehabilitation center is one of the more puzzling decisions that one would have to make. This is because unlike for other decisions where one can rely on the experiences of near and dear ones, very few people would be able to narrate their experience of going through rehab. Nevertheless, […]

Can You Get Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Back in 2012, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that in the US, around 16.7 million people of 12+ years of age had abused prescription drugs, with around 2.1 million of them showing signs of drug abuse disorders. Clearly, the statistics demonstrate how widespread the problem of prescription drug abuse can get. […]

Gambling addiction – Don’t Gamble Your Life Away

Wherever it is legal, a lot of people might have engaged in recreational gambling with some spare change, just to try their luck. Gambling may also be indulged upon once upon a time, especially during festivals. However, this temporary indulgence, for some people, becomes an obsession, and they may go to extreme lengths to try […]

Relapse- How To Counter It

One of the more disheartening feelings would be to be helpless in preventing a relapse of addiction after having successfully undergone therapy to overcome it. This is because although the habit is broken, the temptation and the craving to experience the feeling of being high might not have completely vanished. And it takes a moment […]

5 Signs of Hidden Drug or Alcohol Use

As per the World Drug Report 2017, as many as 29.5 million people globally suffer from drug abuse-related disorders. Alcohol and drug use have led several people to a point of total ruin, even as they find it impossible to prevent sliding down the slippery slope once they get addicted to it. And in such […]

The Importance of Personalized & Residential Rehab Treatment

Addiction is a serious issue. Whether you are addicted to substance, alcohol, smoking, or social media, it causes rippling ill-effects, affecting varied aspects of your life. Besides impacting your mind and body negatively, it disrupts your social and professional life too. And hence, it is imperative that you consult professional doctors and counselors at rehab […]

Internet Addiction: Social Dysfunction

Internet Addiction! Sounds insane, isn’t it? After all, the internet is the tool of our communication and business today. It allows us to connect with people and express our talents on various avenues. Simply put, it has become the way of our life. Then how can something that is all around us and the core […]

Tips to Quit Smoking for Good

‘Smoking is bad for health.’ We all know that. And yet, many succumb to this habit. If you are into smoking for long, you are probably already struggling with the idea of quitting. The idea of quitting can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are too dependent on it and you might be already […]

Tackling the Menace of tobacco addiction

Tobacco consumption is known to lead to serious health problems. Whether you smoke or chew tobacco, its effects are quite dangerous, on both, physical and mental health. Smoking or chewing tobacco gives you a momentary feeling of high. But then, the nicotine substance present in tobacco is addictive in nature and you end up craving […]