The Role of Spirituality in Recovery

Spirituality and issues of faith may seem a world apart from the torments of addiction and substance abuse. Research shows, however, that addiction does not affect only the body. It establishes a powerful grip on the mind and, yes, the spirit as well.

Preventing Relapse with Acupuncture

In treating addiction or any other health condition, boosting an individual’s immune system and psychological resilience while decreasing their stress is the ultimate goal. This helps the body heal faster and maintain its overall health. The use of a holistic approach encourages patients to include strategies that support both physical and mental well-being.

Move It or Lose It – The Importance of Exercise in Recovery

There are numerous benefits to exercising while in recovery. When you exercise on a regular basis, an increase in blood flow occurs throughout your body and to your brain. When this occurs, you experience an improvement in cell oxygenation, which increases your body’s ability to experience healing following years of abusing alcohol or drugs.

How Can Medication Help My Recovery?

Many people engaged in holistic recovery wonder if they should use medication as part of their treatment. While it isn’t uncommon for those in drug recovery to receive medication, there are still many risks to consider.

Fun in Sobriety: Your Survival Guide to Attending Events Sober

It isn’t uncommon for an individual’s social calendar to fill up quickly with birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation celebrations, or other engagements. If you’re a person in recovery who was released from a holistic treatment center, avoidance of these gatherings may be tempting during the first several months.

Can Resilience Be Learned?

Have you ever wondered why, following a traumatic event, one person may develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) while another person does not? A key difference between these individuals could have something to do with resilience.