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  • The conversation of deaddiction: You must be the one to have it with yourself

The conversation of deaddiction: You must be the one to have it with yourself

A good support network can be a turning point for an addict. It can lead him/her on the road to weed deaddiction and uplift their spirit in recovery. They may include your family, friends and colleagues closest to you. Their helping hand can drastically help in leaving weed addiction behind and achieve a healthy & better lifestyle.

But often, the support network can hinder an addict’s life. The first reason is their advice might be appearing to be taunting rather than supporting. The second reason is more internalized. The addict might feel that others don’t understand his/her situation. They fall under the trap of believing that his/her choices of smoking weed has no effect on their lifestyle.

The truth is, leaving weed is a personal choice. The support network may trigger negative connotations about weed, but ultimately the decision must be made by the addict. Frequently, the addict convinces him/herself that they don’t have addiction. They feel that paying bills, showing up at gatherings and taking care of family doesn’t showcase any signs of addiction. The decision to enter weed deaddiction doesn’t occur until things get drastically out of hand.

When the addict recognizes addiction, initially he/she weighs the pros and totally neglect the cons. Weed smoking friends and relaxation are the frequent pros that addict’s escape to. Not until after it hits them personally like missing their mother’s birthday or feeling too lethargic even to do the necessary things of day-to-day life, do they realize its intensity.

Addiction is on the rise in India as online media expounds the supporting claims. But in time, the addict’s turns to deaddiction center as they experience its declining effects They have started to understand the other side of the story. The addicts must make their own choice as they face the consequences of their previous actions involving heavy smoking.

Alpha Healing Center is a luxurious rehabilitation center that provides alcohol & drug addiction treatment in India. We offer special treatment therapies including yoga, meditation, pet therapy & group therapy which helps in effective treatment of addiction and provides total recovery.

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