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  • The correlation of drug addiction with suggestive music

The correlation of drug addiction with suggestive music

Drugs are frequently associated with music. They have become a fad in new-age music and pop culture has glorified their use. Musicians from the 50s & 60s have referenced drugs in their songs which has only caught the pace from there. Following the trend, musicians of today are on the same track. They portray substance abuse as something hip without anticipating its side effects on the listeners.

Country music and other genres are also entangled in this havoc and such music is only making things worse. Many patients at deaddiction rehab centers have admitted that a portion of their addiction was influenced by suggestive music.


The effects of “trippy music”

Music that implies dependence on chemicals heavily influences the listener. Teenagers are especially impacted by such music as they have an impressionable personality. Ironically, favorite musicians or songs that reference drugs can turn them towards the path of addiction.

During phases of sadness and low moods, drugs affect with greater intensity. At times like these, the “trippy music” impacts the  teenager with greater chances of them taking the road to drug addiction. Several stereotypes like musicians taking drugs to enhance creativity also influence the youth to adapt drug use.

Popular music promoting the drug culture

MDMA is a drug that has found its place in trending songs & music festivals. The effects of EDM & house music have been so tremendous that they have led many to seek drug deaddiction. Molly, Ecstasy & marijuana posses dangers that the users neglect in the pretense of “having a good time”.

Famous musicians have been known to associated with MDMA that their listeners adapt to. 

Some have suggested its use with water and created the infamous “Molly Water” that is the major drug escape of several youngsters. The easy availability of drugs in music festivals puts the life of countless in danger as the youth follows the façade of experimenting at such places.

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