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Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse is real, don’t take it casually

OTC or Over-The-Counter drugs are medicinal drugs acquired easily from a local drug store. Since they don’t require a doctor’s prescription, teenagers are easily susceptible to their influence. They aren’t as lethal as illegal drugs like weed or heroin. Yet they possess physical & mental dangers that can make the user addicted to them in a short period of time. Several drug addiction treatment centers in India have addressed the harmful effects that OTC drugs have on the patient.

Common OTC drugs that cause addiction

Various categories of OTC drugs are available in the market that contains harmful ingredients. These drugs are easily accessible, and abusers self-medicate for achieving a dangerous high.

  • Tylenol and Acetaminophen are widely used medicines for countering severe pain but can result in kidney damage, liver malfunctioning, and hallucinations when taken in high doses.
  • Pseudoephedrineis a major element in several cold medicines but possesses side effects including heart attack, high blood pressure, and paranoia.
  • DXM or Dextromethorphan is a significant component in cough medicines and can lead to memory loss, vomiting and brain damage when abused in high doses.

Risks associated with OTC drugs

The symptoms of OTC drug abuse appear at an early stage. Consumption in high quantities can result in visiting a drug de-addiction center as soon as possible.

  • Physiological hazards include increased heart rate, hair loss, vomiting, heart attacks, stomachache and kidney failure.
  • Psychological side effects comprise of insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, brain damage and even confusion about drug addiction problem.

With the growing number of kids entering teenage years, Indian youth is highly susceptible to OTC drug abuse. As the symptoms emerge, parents are continuously finding measures for OTC drug addiction treatment for their children.

Alpha Healing Center is the leading rehab center in India offering comprehensive treatment for OTC drug addiction. We offer luxurious in-patient residential facilities, CBT, 6 -step program and a highly-trained staff for effective OTC drug deaddiction in India.

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