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Why drug addiction treatment must be started at an early stage?

Drug addiction has become a common problem amongst the Indian youth. With increasing exposure to pop culture, internet and frequent distractions, teenagers are prone to addictions without even knowing it. Unawareness of the consequences and curiosity of young years lead them to indulge in drug use which ultimately turns into substance abuse.

In recent years, serious attention is being paid to drug deaddiction in India. Mostly because, the short-term escape from life by drug use is now revealing its long-term effects. Dementia, aggression, brain damage, seizures, hallucinations and neurological disorders are some of the problems caused by drug addiction. Weed, heroin, cocaine and other drugs have become a fad for the youth and a problem for their companions. An addict must quickly seek rehabilitation to counter the harmful debacle on health caused by drug addiction.

Early age disorders

Some addictive drugs like weed & cocaine show signs of mental & physical disorders at the initial stage. Forgetfulness, drowsiness, mood swings are a few symptoms that start with regular use of weed. It became a “cool” thing and due to several misinterpretations, it gains popularity as a creative drug. Studies have shown that excessive use of weed can result in physical inability and damage brain receptors which reduces life expectancy after long-term use. It is therefore, necessary to seek help for weed deaddiction as early as possible.

Dependency on substitutes

Substance abuse leads to indulging in “substitute abuse”. When a drug isn’t available, a drug abuser turns to cheap and life-threatening substitutes that provide a similar effect. The inaccessibility of drugs causes frequent trembling, behavioural fluctuations and violence. Valium, Xanax, Vicodin are some prescriptive drugs used as substitutes and can lead to health hazards. Drug addiction treatment centers offer rehabilitation facilities that can reverse this substitute effect if timely treatment is provided.

Corrective therapy and drug deaddiction

Excessive use of drugs at a young age can result in recurrent relapses for someone trying to quit by sheer willpower and support from family & friends. A comprehensive deaddiction rehab center offers procedural treatment for drug addiction by methods like Intervention, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Motivational Seminars, proven to assist in quitting dependence on drugs.

The drug addiction treatment routine at Alpha Healing Center offers deliberate residential programs that focus on early detection of the problem, medicinal treatment and counselling therapy for an overall recovery of the patient. We offer a facility that excels in adequately approaching the addiction issues from various perspectives and provide treatment that cures without any difficulty.

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