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Effects of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse On Your Family!

Alcoholism and drug abuse have been affecting the lives of millions across the world. Whether it’s the parent who falls prey to alcoholism or their kids who get trapped into the vicious drug addiction, its negative impact affects the addicts in many ways. The evident impairment of addiction can be seen in their social behavior and physical health. Needless to say, prolonged substance addiction is fatal. However, its negative impact is not confined to the addict only, but his loved ones also go through the challenge of dealing with it along. Addiction pushes the person towards a downward spiral and its ill-effects are rippled across the family members and social environment the person lives in. Families struggle with keeping up and coping with the physical, psychological and financial trauma created due to addicts’ behavior.

Here’s how addiction affects families-

Domestic Abuse

Addiction has a deeper impact on the minds of the addicts and hence, their behaviors. Prolonged use of certain drugs can result in the altered physiology of the brain cells. In the long run, the addicts suffer from hallucinations, inability to think rationally, inability to have relationships with people, etc. This leads to unreasonable and negative behaviors towards the family members, like careless attitude, physical and verbal abuse, shunning accountability of routine and important roles, etc. It creates disruption and stress in the family environment; family members, be it spouse, parent, siblings or kids, a battle to deal with such behaviors. A parent or spouse may choose to ignore or avoid confrontation or addressing it. Kids and young siblings who are more vulnerable, find it difficult to handle such situations, creating a mental trauma for them, which may lead to them escaping through a similar route of drugs and alcohol abuse.

Financial Impact

Addiction seeps into the families’ every aspect of life, and the one on finance is the apparent one. Addictive drugs like marijuana and ecstasy drugs are highly priced in the market; some cost even 1000 to 3000 rupees per dose. Someone who is at the early phase of his addiction may use the drug thrice a week, let’s say. Meaning, essentially, the person would be spending over 3000 – 6000 per week and 12000 – 24000 per month, which is a substantial part of the income of that person. With the increase in the addiction, the doses also increase, and the person ends up spending most of his earnings on buying drugs. Such a situation throws him off the grid, wherein, he is no longer in control of himself and his finances. But the need to keep consuming the drug pushes him to unwarranted avenues like borrowing huge amounts, stealing from family members, etc. Such a financial impact leaves a ruinous mark on the families. Members who are dependent, feel helpless, clueless and hopeless and are forced to work in order to meet ends.

Addiction is a parasite to society and families that destroys their very well-being. Families go through emotional and financial trauma that only increases with time unless they are addressed head-on. It is important that families work together with the addict and support him in the treatment of addiction. While conventional Alcoholism and Drug Abuse treatment are possible, it is best to look for a holistic approach for a long-term result. Rehabilitation centers in India work with evidence-based therapies and treatments and provide a nurturing milieu for the holistic healing and wellness of the addicts.

If your loved one is struggling from an addiction to drugs or alcohol and you want to support him/her, Alpha healing Center located in Vadodara, Gujarat- India offers comprehensive alcoholism and drug abuse treatment services, including aftercare and relapse prevention planning, to meet your needs. Contact our counsellor today on  9136783804 or 7490023387 to begin your journey toward recovery.

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