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  • Why an enjoyable summer experience doesn’t need the use of weed?

Why an enjoyable summer experience doesn’t need the use of weed?

Summer time calls for relaxed & chilled-out weekends. These weekends shape up into long-holidays depending on the vacation vibe that you’re feeling. Swimming in the ocean, water sports, nature retreats, road trips & countless activities make some of the memorable summer moments. Not only in summer, these celebratory moments can be enjoyed in any season. But there are disruptions that can hinder these moments of joy.

Effects of smoking weed on summer experience

Weed is a drug that influences the overall experience of any activity. Some feel that it is good. But this short-term pleasure enhancing drug can make your long weekends worse.

  • Weed slows down response time and can severally affect decision making ability. Climbing rough terrains or swimming can become a risky activity under these circumstances.
  • Some possible side effects include paranoia, uneven coordination & shorter attention span. These may amplify with adventurous activities like trekking & sailing resulting in a life-threatening experience.
  • Deaddiction centers have addressed the issue of getting addicted to weed in summer, based on research. Summer makes people lazy and smoking weed provides mellow feelings that enhances inactivity & leads to addiction.
  • Driving to summer destinations under the influence of weed can be a dangerous endeavor. The negative effects of weed while driving may lead to severe accidents as you drive with a distorted perception of reality.

Indian youth is quickly adapting western culture. With this, they develop susceptibility for weed addiction as they are exposed to more experience-enhancing drugs. Apart from prescriptions, the illegal usage had led many of them to face harmful effects at a young age. Weed deaddiction is continuously being emphasized in metropolitans & other states to control the staggering Indian Youth.

Alpha Healing Center is a luxurious rehabilitation center that offers a comprehensive residential program for deaddiction in India. We provide a wide view treatment with CBT, Seminars, & Motivational Therapy that uniquely helps in recovery from weed addiction for a better & healthy life.

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