Family advice for drug and alcohol rehab

The effects of drug and alcohol causes impacts not only the user but also their family. More than often, family members take the courage and seek advice to get their dear ones into a healing rehab facility. Sometimes users are so drowned in their own world of addiction that it is difficult for them to realize that they need help or even have a problem. It may take an involvement of a few family members to address a dear one about their alcohol or drug abuse.

The most powerful effect over a user can be of their family members and that is an important point. As long as there is love and compassion to convince a loved one, the process of persuading them to join a rehab program is the best hope. And there is no better way to rebuild a loved one’s life again.

At The Alpha Healing Center, we realize how essential the role of a family is in getting a dear one into rehab and moving towards the road of recovery.

Family Recommendation and Consultation Services – Pre Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A drug and alcohol rehab center acquires mails and calls on regular routine from concerned family parents, spouses, siblings and other extended family members. There is a constant conferring with determined family members who are distraught over their dear one’s annihilating addiction and are committed to get them the help they need.

Dialing the number of the rehab center, is the first initiative into transitioning your dear one to rehab.

Addiction can be destroyer of an individual’s world. Even their family members go through a constraining process during this period of time. From having possessions and finances stolen to bailing a dear one out of jail, visiting them in the hospital and watching them discard their life away, these are painful and dreadful things family members experience.

The family consultation procedure helps in admitting a dear one into a healing center. The prime goal of the family consultation team is to make the process and transition accessible and effortless. As it can be a challenging process, proper guidance and encouragement is provided by the skilled counselors and team members during this crucial time period.

The following will be provided as part of the consultation service:

  • Provide a telephonic consultation about a user’s addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • Discuss the treatment options and determine what program best suits your dear one’s addiction needs.
  • Confer with the family members on strategies about enrolling a dear one into a rehab facility.
  • Asses the alcohol and drug treatment programs and methodology.
  • Help in making travel arrangements. Available on request.

Therapeutic Family Services – Amid Drug and Alcohol Rehab

An individual’s addiction impacts the life of an entire family and hence its is known as a family disease. When one member of the family is suffering from an addiction, it is very natural for others to be affected by it and unconsciously follow dysfunctional beliefs to cope with the situations too. Hence, it is recommended that a family also receives therapy along with the user – as many scientific studies prove that these increase the chances of a user maintaining a long-term recovery.

At The Alpha Healing Center, an intensive three-day family therapeutic program for FREE. It will be an integrated program where the family and their dear one can together learn and know about addiction and its treatment process. Also, a detailed process of how to support a user once they return back from recovery.

It is understandable that relationships are often wrecked by drug and alcohol addiction – and helping families take the first steps in reconstructing relations is also a crucial part of the session.

Hence, it is highly recommended that the dears ones of each individual client make it a priority to attend.

Additional Family Consultation Services – Amid Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It is natural that every family member will be concerned about their loved one during their stay at the rehab facility. On prior notice, the below is provided:

  • Updates on their dear one’s progress through their drug and alcohol rehab program.
  • Manage an optional visit between family members and their dear one at the rehab facility if one is unable to attend the Family Program.

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