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Family Programme

  • Family Programme

At Alpha Healing Center, we recognize that families can serve as a stable platform to support substance using individuals to rebuild their lives.


As an evidence-based practice, we believe family involvement in the treatment of addictive disease is essential. We recognize that families care for their loved ones, are often hurt by the destructive effects of addiction, and can aid or impair recovery. Consequently, we involve the family very early and throughout the treatment program at Alpha Healing Center.

Family Counseling

We encourage family members to participate in regular weekly counseling sessions in order to initiate the necessary healing within the family relationships, address co-dependency and enabling behaviors, and facilitate setting of boundaries and limits. We adopt a system based approach to rebuild appropriate roles and relationships within the family unit. In addition, we work with both the guests and their families to identify issues that will need to be addressed after discharge of guest.

Family Involvement

Family members are asked to participate during the assessment process are informed about the clinical progress of the guest and are involved in the development of aftercare plans. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the family members and encourage feedback on the progress of the guest. This collaborative approach that values and respects family input is an integral part of our philosophy.

Family Support

Addiction negatively impacts both the people struggling with addiction and their family. Taking the first steps to finding help is not always easy. It takes courage, determination, and patience. A loved one may be so deep in their addiction that they resist help. They may not believe or understand that they have a problem. But family is uniquely positioned to help someone struggling with addiction find treatment.


The best advocate for a loved one with addiction is the family unit. Through love, concern, and compassion, a family can often convince a loved one they need help.

Getting Your Loved One the Treatment they Need

We receive calls and emails from concerned parents, spouses, siblings, and other relatives. We talk with family members who are distraught over a loved one’s struggles with an addiction and unsure what to do. The first step to help a loved one transition to freedom from their addiction is calling for a family consultation with Alpha.


Alpha will help by guiding and encouraging you during this critical transitional period. As part of our family consultation services, we:


  • Provide a phone consultation about your family member’s addiction
  • Discuss different treatment options to determine what program best fits your loved one’s needs
  • Consult with you and other family members on strategies to help get your loved one into rehab
  • Review our holistic program details including our treatment methods
  • Help you make travel arrangements

Family Program

Addiction is a disease, not a choice or a character flaw. The Family Program is free and a crucial aspect of treatment, increasing the probability of long-term recovery. It encourages active participation of both guest and family members, so that all can understand the process of addiction and recovery.


During an afree, intensive, three-day Family Therapy Program, you will learn about addiction, including important concepts such as co-dependency and how to support the addict’s recovery once they return home. We strongly encourage the family members of all guests to attend our Family Program.

Other Family Program Services

It is natural to have a concern about your loved one during their stay at Alpha Healing Center. With a guest’s consent, we can provide on request:

  • Updates on your loved one’s progress
  • Coordinated visits with your loved one
  • Strategies for when they return home to help them stay free of their addiction.

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