How Common Is GHB Addiction?

Despite the contradictions, GHB is an addictive drug. GHB withdrawals can be severe and may last for a longer period of time. There aren’t any readily available sources of information on GHB and it is limited to its abuse as a date rape drug.

The characterization of a GHB drug is based on frequent dosage with consumption within frequent interval periods. GHB addiction can develop quickly within a period of few weeks. Individuals who use GHB in the form of an antidepressant, a sleep aid, a workout aid weight loss product, or an anti-aging substance, are at a higher risk for GHB addiction.

The routine methodical pattern of their GHB intake advances itself to addiction. A potential amount of users are lured into the use by internet advertisements that promote the drug being safe and non-addictive. They may not realize the effects during consumption despite the fact of being at continuous risk.

GHB users may consider this to be the perfect supplement and endorse its benefits. While their dear ones may find radical changes in them. The occurrence of “head snaps” usually happen 15 minutes later to dosing and also may have symptoms of twitching, strange behavior or blackouts.
Occurrences may occur after each dosage or heavy dosages. The user will most often have no remembrance of the events.

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