As a professional, you want only the best for your clients. That’s why doctors, therapists and other specialists recommend Alpha Healing Center when a client is in need of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. With a holistic and individualized approach to recovery that reaches beyond stopping drug use, Alpha Healing Center helps addicted individuals develop the skills necessary for whole body and mind healing.

Why Alpha Healing Center?

When you’re looking for personalized addiction treatment, look no further than Alpha Healing Center. With different levels of care, including intensive outpatient, family programs, and partial programs, our facilities meet your clients’ needs.

Alpha Healing Center also takes a collaborative approach, incorporating more than just the family into treatment planning and long-term success. When you make a referral to our center, you will be encouraged to stay in contact with your client , acting as a support for his or her recovery, both now and in the future.

Why a holistic approach?

Our holistic recovery incorporates a wide variety of services to bring about total body and mind wellness. Meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, and reiki are regular aspects of our holistic approach to drug and alcohol treatment, as is diet and nutrition.

Because addiction is centered in the brain, our addiction treatment approach is, too. With personalized brain health training, our patients learn about their own unique neurocognitive weaknesses and strengths, and how to develop the best skills to appropriately deal with emotions, thinking, feelings, and self-regulation. Patients are also taught biometric stress management and partake in brain music therapy.

Are you a professional looking for treatment for a client?

If you’re a professional looking to help a client find the right drug and alcohol addiction treatment, call +919429882387 today for a free consultation. An Admission Coordinator will answer any questions you have and help you determine the best course of action, always keeping all information private and confidential. If you’re working with someone who’s struggling with addiction, let us help. Contact Alpha Healing Center today.

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