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Give your body the exercise it deserves!

The only definitive ‘truth’ about mental health is its existence. The rest is subjective to those who have experienced mental illness and those who are involved in treatment and therapy of the same. Popular culture almost always portrays rehabilitation centers with hospital beds, IV drips, group counselling sessions and support groups. Although these are present in many treatment plans, addiction recovery can be a more natural process depending on the severity of the illness. Physical activity and exercise is one such ‘natural’ method of drug addiction recovery. It may not require professional training in all cases, most of us can resort to such workout in the comfort of our homes. Regularly practicing an exercise helps keep the mind off using drugs. It may be in the form of any activity that involves exercising both the body and mind, this gives a natural feel-good factor and anxiety reducing chemicals called endorphins.


Yoga is one of the well-known positivity inducing activities. The more physically demanding ‘power yoga’ aims at strengthening the body, which releases dopamine in the brain. The less intense ‘restorative’ yoga focuses on deep breaths and internal focus, which can be very beneficial for people dealing with anxiety or depression.


Dancing is an art that many consider a form of personal expression. It helps strengthen the connection between the mind and the body. Even grooving to some music at home, can help relieve stress and anxiety.


A lot of us go for a quick run or jog when we’re feeling down, this is because it is enables happiness inducing chemicals in the brain; in fact, for most people, running is just as effective as psychotherapy

Strength training:

Strength training is about control, it requires full attention and concentration. It improves mood and self-esteem, regulates sleep, and reduces stress, which can all contribute to overall feelings of wellbeing. The workout involves mental concentration, physical balance, muscle relaxation as well as relaxed breathing, which all play a role in regulating mood swings.

Alpha Healing Centre is a world class de-addiction center specializing in providing residential care for those suffering with and recovering from addictions. Its unique recovery experience is based on holistic healing and evidence-based methods that positively engages the mind, body and spirit. Get help, exercise for a faster and longer-lasting recovery.

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