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Functioning of a Rehab

  • Functioning of a Rehab

Functioning of a Rehab

Enrolling oneself at The Alpha Healing inpatient center gives the time and concentration required to manage addiction. At the treatment facility, an individual will be away from places, people and events that can cause triggers, stresses, distractions and negative influences. The sole purpose will be to completely focus on recovery. The accessibility to space and time, and highly trained professionals will be the guiding force to help every individual heal.

Valuation of the personal treatment plan

Before any of kind of treatment is started for substance (alcohol and drugs) and/or process (gambling, sex, and food) addiction, a clinical and medical assessment will be completed to decide if there are any co-occurring disorders, like anxiety and depression, which are commonly treated together with the addiction.


Since 50% of addiction user suffer from symptoms of trauma or PTSD, an evaluation will be done.

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Important elements to addiction treatment at The Alpha Healing Center

  • Detox
    The process of cleansing the system of a substance consumed is known as detoxification. Usually drugs do not use physical dependence and users only have mild withdrawal symptoms like headaches and sleeplessness. There is a team of doctors and medical staff available round-the-clock for monitoring. However, severe opioid and alcohol do cause physical dependency. It is also recommended to attend detoxification in a hospital prior to reaching The Alpha Healing Center; and the medical team will be available to assist if any withdrawal symptoms or anything else should occur.

  • Psychotherapy
    Since an addiction has a psychological lateral, it is of vital importance of the cognitive/socio/behavioral disorder. It can be proficiently achieved by personal therapy session, group therapy session and mindfulness therapy. It is a holistic amalgamation of programs known as Recovery Zones, which includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), 12 Steps and Mindfulness Meditation. Extracurricular activities like yoga, fitness and meditation help handling stress and decrease cravings

  • Family Programme
    A crucial part of a treatment is the Family Program. It has been knowns to increase the probabilities of a user upholding long-term recovery. It encompasses an active participation by the members of the family and helps them understand the process of addiction and recovery. It is a free service program.

  • Time Duration
    The time duration at The Alpha Healing Center is usually 30 days. Though depending on your initial assessment, the time duration will be notified.

A Day at The Alpha Healing Center

The day starts with waking up to breakfast. Most of the days The Alpha Healing center involves therapy sessions (personal and group), physical therapy, mindfulness training and assorted therapeutic workshops. The day ends with dinner, some free time and going to bed on time.

There is a little change of schedule on the weekends. It includes music or art therapy in the morning and fitness activities, personal phone time or professional grooming services later in the day. Sundays are exclusively dedicated for excursions around the town.

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