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How will a drug rehabilitation change your life?

How does a drug rehab work? What is a ‘treatment plan’ and what impact does it make to help an addict recover? Generally, a treatment plan in a drug rehab center that involves structured stages, each stage is planned to address a facet of your addiction. It isn’t easy at all but it’s time consuming and after that, the addiction is eradicated from the roots.


The first and foremost stage is detoxification, which plays a very vital role in the rehab process of every individual. When you stop the intake of any addictive substances, your body takes time to process this while emancipation from the chemicals take place. It ranges from a few days to months depending on the characteristic of the chemical, history of abuse & the physical condition of the individual.

Detoxification - drug rehab

During detoxification stage, you are expected to feel several sore symptoms. Many of these symptoms comprise of: Sleeplessness, Tremors, Depression, Restless, Nausea and Body aches. A decent rehab will get an all-inclusive physical and psychiatric assessment so that any existing condition can also be addressed.

Psychological Care

Physical cleansing is just the beginning of the process. The second stage will be evaluating any fundamental psychological issues. People with psychological problems often get into drug addiction and that is simply because it is not easily controlled by our brain. For many groups of people, long term use of chemicals origins a psychological problem. These mental health apprehensions must be recognized for an effective individual treatment plan to be progressed.
Depression - drug rehab

Holistic Treatment:

Since addiction affects all areas of the person, the actual treatment begins & the treatment is multi-dimensional, addressing the physical, psychological, and social areas. This may be done by mixing various disciplines and techniques, like:

  1. Individual counselling
  2. Psychotherapy
  3. Group therapy
  4. Yoga therapy
  5. Meditation
  6. Art therapy

The addict needs to change his or her behavior. Behavior modification is done with the help of various therapies such as: Drug counseling, Dialectical behavior therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy and Contingency management therapy. Treatment does not stop here. There’s one more step after you complete your treatment at the alcohol or drug rehab:

Holistic Treatment -drug rehab


Since addiction is highly relapse-prone, it is always a virtuous idea to join up in an aftercare program of the rehab. Early recovery can be thought-provoking and it is helpful to search for support of your therapist, especially at the rehab who is familiar with your history and unique issues.

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