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  • An integrated approach towards the treatment of addiction & depression

An integrated approach towards the treatment of addiction & depression

Addiction & Depression are two wrongs that intensify each other. Sometimes, the former may lead to the latter and vice versa. Determining the root cause is difficult but both must be treated as equal contributors in worsening mental & physical health. The most important aspect is that they feed off each other. If not treated at the right time, the negative effects proliferate over time and recovery becomes less likely in both cases.

The need for Alcohol & Depression Treatment

Most of the alcohol addicts generally suffer from one or the other kind of mental health disorders. Anxiety, depression & panic attacks are the most common.

  • Substance abuse and mental health disorders possess the risk of suicide as the person’s emotional capabilities are drained out.
  • Alcohol addiction treatment becomes a necessity when a person suffering from depression turns to alcohol leading to severe addiction.
  • The simultaneous effect of mental disorders & addiction hinders daily life, leaving the person with hopelessness, worthlessness and feelings of guilt.

The benefits of an integrated treatment

Addressing the nature of these two chaotic activities is extremely important. Alcohol & Drug addiction treatment programs offer CBT and other therapies that mitigate the hazardous effects of mental disorders with addiction.

  • Emotional stability arises with comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs
  • The root cause of mental disorders like anxiety & depression is eliminated
  • Holistic Well-being therapies transform the perspective about addiction & depression
  • Overall lifestyle changes resulting from awareness & treatment of disorders

Alpha Healing Center encourages to identify mental disorders & addiction and seek treatment for proper recovery. We offer holistic healing techniques and provide a unique recovery experience through CBT, Pet therapy, Yoga & Meditation for alcohol & drug addiction treatment while also addressing & healing the mental state of our clients.

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