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  • Key factors to be considered before shortlisting a rehabilitation center for substance abuse

Key factors to be considered before shortlisting a rehabilitation center for substance abuse

Addiction is an ailment that not only affects the person, but also the people around that person. It affects nearly every aspect of a person’s life from personal relations to professional association and productivity. To choose the right rehabilitation center for substance abuse, the person should take into consideration specific targets that they’d like to achieve and the behaviors that they’d like to address.

However, before choosing a rehabilitation center, a person has to set certain goals for themselves. These goals are divided into three phases, namely Short-Term goals, Medium-term goals and Long-term goals. In essence, what this means is that a person is responsible for their decision to get clean and without that realization, the probability of relapsing skyrockets.

As soon as the person decides to get clean, a person should consider rehabilitation centers on the basis of a few things like:

Outpatient or Inpatient Rehabilitation center

There are, essentially, two types of rehabilitation centers: an outpatient rehabilitation center or an inpatient rehabilitation center

In an inpatient rehab center, the person has to stay within the premises of the center for their treatment to be successful and effective. The person isn’t allowed to leave the facility and is only granted access to leave under special circumstances.

In an outpatient rehab center, the person can commute to and from their house and the facility and it doesn’t necessarily affect the curriculum of the treatment.


Certain treatment centers have a particular curriculum of treatment that is only effective to a particular kind of substance abuse or addiction. Some treatment centers specialize in alcohol addiction i.e. alcohol rehabilitation center while some specialize in drug addiction i.e. drug rehabilitation center.

However, many facilities actually specialize in a myriad of areas that might include the above-mentioned addictions along with a diagnosis of other mental illnesses as well.

Model used for the treatment

There are a plethora of models that a therapist might adopt while treating alcohol or drug addiction. There’s a mode of therapy for everyone and a rehabilitation center that specializes in that particular mode of therapy, it’s all about finding the right choice and balancing the right compromises to fit the needs.

The person has to research and go through all the options available to them.

Length of stay

It is considered that the efficacy of treatment is directly proportional to the length of stay. Although the duration of treatment varies from person to person and the complexity of the issues that they’re dealing with, higher efficacies will only be achieved if the person is separated from her/his usual conventions and life.


A person should take all the amenities and comfort features that will be offered at the rehabilitation center into consideration. Considering that the person is going to spend an amount of time, either brief or long; they should also look at the facility as a hotel that will offer standard living features or a five-star stay during treatment.

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