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Does your Mental Health Status Affect your relationships?

A positive state of mind cultivates positive relationships and vice versa. Whether or not you have a great relationship with your partner, your children and others in your social network is largely defined by your mental health status, which is a result of your lifestyle habits.

Mental health is often affected negatively by callous lifestyles and addictions of different kinds. The person gradually develops issues like confusion, indecisiveness, imbalanced and uncontrollable emotions, aggression, sadness, isolation, etc. Such a state of mind not only affects the person alone but everyone he is connected to, hence impacting the relationships between them significantly.

How Negative Mental Health Affects Family Relations?

Research says that more than 80% of individuals suffering from mental illness agreed that their condition has had a negative effect on their relationships with their close ones. Taking care of someone with mental health issues in the family can be quite a stressful and traumatic experience for the entire family. It requires enormous patience and can increase the stress levels, which may further result in somatic disorders like fatigue, insomnia, migraines, loss of appetite, etc. Family members may also suffer from other problems like cognitive and emotional problems like anxiety, guilt, anger, etc., and even behavioral issues like isolation and negative attitude, etc.

A study revealed that family members of the person suffering from mental health issues tend to develop psychological or social problems like insomnia and depression, thereby also need professional help. A person’s emotions and behavioral issues can increase the mental and emotional stress of the family members and cause them to drift away from each other mentally. 

Another important impact of poor mental health to be considered is the one on children in the family. Being at a tender age, they are not able to comprehend the changed emotions and behaviors of the other members of the family. This certainly affects their mental health. In many cases, they end up blaming themselves for such change. 

They often find it difficult to socialize with others and grow up feeling lonely and isolated. If so, they may develop emotional, social and behavioral issues of their own too.

Mental health problems have a ripple effect on one’s life. Its impact is visible on every aspect of life and relationships, be itself, family, friends or society. Despite such deeper consequences and impact on relationships, mental health often goes undiscussed and untreated in society. It is important to comprehend the damage it can do to relationships and take a positive course of treatment. 

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