The PCP addresses needs of individuals who require more support and structure than the traditional outpatient program can provide, but do not require 24-hour hospitalization. It bridges the gap between residential or inpatient care and standard outpatient care. The partial care program is a short-term stabilization program that offers treatment at least twenty five hours per week, typically five hours a day for five days a week.

Partial Care Programs

Therapeutic Approach

The design of PCP emphasizes group-oriented programming supplemented by individual counseling. Group therapy experiences include coping skills learning, emotional regulation techniques, interpersonal and recovery processes, cognitive – behaviour restructuring, psychoeducational learning, relapse prevention and stress reduction approaches. Specialty groups for individuals with specific needs are offered.

Individual Care

Individuals receive a comprehensive evaluation by a multidisciplinary team of professionals. Treatment is personalized to best suit the needs of each guest including those with co-occurring disorders. Individual counseling, medications for symptom management and drug monitoring services are available. Guests have regular contact with their primary therapist and consistent involvement with therapeutic team. We encourage family meetings and family education as a part of each participant’s treatment.

Holistic Healing

A key component of the partial program is the opportunity for personal healing and growth through holistic care. Science-based best practices are integrated with holistic therapies (massage, yoga, music, art, breath-work, meditation, nutrition, experiential, biofeedback) for a varied and stimulating treatment experience. Diet and activity are part of the Holistic Care Plan for each guest.

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