All the addiction treatment programs available are inclusive of private accommodation, meals, personal and group counseling sessions, mindfulness therapy, fitness therapy, massage treatments, weekly excursions and after preparation

Please consider the following important settings:

  • An individual should be physically and mentally able to participate in routine activities.
  • If there is a concern with any physical or mental disabilities, please contact the rehab staff members.
  • Rules and regulations of the program must be followed.
  • The treatment plan advanced by the team of counsellors must be firmly followed.

Payment method


To secure all reservations, a 50% deposit is mandatory. There will be no refund for the deposit if the client cancels their reservation. Since the program is highly subscribed and clients commit to reservation dates a number of days in advance.

Full Payment

A complete payment must be made within a week of client’s arrival.

Involuntary Discharge

The Alpha Healing Center reserves the right to discharge a client from the program without returning a refund if: The client is found intoxicated or in possession of drugs and/or alcohol. Intolerance and disruption to the program and other clients will not be considered.

Confidential Contact Form