The Alpha’s Sober House is following a process after the completion of detox and primary treatment. At this place a client goes through a therapeutic living environment with a program that incorporates freedom of choice to succeed in their mundane lives. It is a natural advancement and possibility for clients to apply what they have learned in primary care in the neighborhood – safely and with support. This is considered as a crucial transitional stage in recovery for addicts and alcoholics. It is regarded as a prize for all the hard work throughout the time in primary recovery. Indications have successfully tested that there are far better chances of treatment outcomes for clients that take part in residential aftercare programs and have a long-term recovery path.

Best Sober House Living in Asia

Every client learns to cater to each other through support, while still attending regular group therapy sessions and personal counseling with the Alpha staff members. Every individual is in charge of their own recovery by attending recovery meetings, written work assignments and meditation.

The clients are also free to explore other activities such as music, yoga, art classes or formal study. Senior members of the Sober Living House are welcome and encouraged to volunteer at Alpha as peer support as a way of building self-esteem through supporting others.

By the time the client moves on from the Sober Living House, they will have been provided with a firm basis on which to base the next stage of their recovery. They will have developed new interests, new or revived hopes, goals and dreams, and have had support in learning how to deal with challenges that can arise and threaten their sobriety. This is a unique opportunity for continued growth in one of the most exciting and vibrant cities of Southeast Asia.

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