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The Stress Connection to Addiction

The stress that the mind encapsulates is what is reflected in the body and brain. Depending on the circumstances and how an individual can handle a situation, decides how the stress levels are going to affect them. In today times, when pressure is built on the young minds of our generation and the way they handle it is the crucial decision.


When pressures are mounted on young teenagers either from school or family, there is an undeniable stress that they go through. However, the important challenge they face during such crisis situation is whether they can manage it or would they give in to addiction.

A lot of individuals have some misconceptions about how stress effects addictions. Let’s have a clear idea about it:

Myth 1: Drug abuse is harmful but it does relieve stress.

Reality: The use of drugs affects your brain the same way stress does.

Myth 2: All stress is bad for you.

Reality: Being under stress can help you deal with tough conditions. However, long-term stress can lead to emotional and physical health issues.

Myth 3: Everyone deals with stress in the same way.

Reality: Everyone deals with stress in dissimilar ways. How you decide to deal with stress, will determine how it affects your body.

As various theories of addiction specify of stress playing a vital role in the addiction process. It is considered from the perspective where drug use and abuse is catered as a coping strategy to deal with stress, to decrease tension and reduce the withdrawal related to distress. Hence, making stress play a crucial role in cumulative addiction vulnerability.

Some recent research reports that show a connection:

  Stress can cause some changes in the brain like those caused by addictive drugs. The report represents that some people who experience stress are more likely to drug addiction.

  Long-term potentiation (LTP) is a key brain mechanism involved in memory. Researchers have depicted how LTP is involved in how both drug exposure and stress affect the brain of young teenagers.

  Stress can put young teenagers at very high risk.

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