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Tackling the Menace of tobacco addiction

Tobacco consumption is known to lead to serious health problems. Whether you smoke or chew tobacco, its effects are quite dangerous, on both, physical and mental health. Smoking or chewing tobacco gives you a momentary feeling of high. But then, the nicotine substance present in tobacco is addictive in nature and you end up craving for more. Eventually, it becomes your habit, or let’s say addiction.

Why is it crucial to deal with it heads on?

Tobacco consumption may appear not to have any serious impact in the initial phase. But eventually, when it becomes a habit, you will find it difficult to focus on anything else when you have the urge. The compulsive behavior may lead to disruption in social life too. Apart from that, another most important aspect to consider is your physical health. Tobacco is known to cause lung cancer and heart diseases. So, before it takes over your body to the point of no return, you must work on tackling this menace.

How to know you are addicted to tobacco?

While many smokes or chew tobacco occasionally, there are many others who develop an addiction. If you consume tobacco regularly, you must watch out for addiction symptoms. Inability to stop tobacco consumption at will, experiencing withdrawal symptoms like shaky hands, irritability or increased heart rate, the compelling habit of smoking or chewing after meals or during work hours, or to relieve stress, disregarding health issues and continuing to smoke, etc. are some of the symptoms which direct towards your tobacco addiction.

What are the treatment options?

Early realization and treatment are the best options to deal with tobacco addiction. Several different treatment options like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), sprays and inhalers, medications, etc. are available to help you wash off the substance from your system. Although, the result may vary depending on your addiction level and your ability to deal with withdrawal.

What to do?

Once you have made up your mind to rid yourself of tobacco addiction, the best way forward is to take professional help. Your doctor can examine and diagnose your condition better and chalk out your treatment course. However, tobacco addiction is also a behavioral issue, and hence, treating only physical conditions will not be enough. That’s why it’s recommended to consider deaddiction treatments in rehab centers. Rehab Centers are housed with qualified professional doctors, psychotherapists, and counselors who treat such addiction patients regularly. With their individualized approach, they combine medications, counseling, and evidence-based therapies for holistic healing. That’s why the success rate is much higher as compared to any normal deaddiction treatment.

Tobacco addiction can have serious detrimental effects on your health. It may also disrupt and even destroy your social and professional life to a great extent. So, if you need help with tobacco deaddiction, don’t wait for your symptoms to get grave. Get help before it’s too late. Need more information on the tobacco deaddiction program? Connect with our expert counselors on 1800-102-0489.

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