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Does your Mental Health Status Affect your relationships?

A positive state of mind cultivates positive relationships and vice versa. Whether or not you have a great relationship with your partner, your children and others in your social network is largely defined by your mental health status, which is a result of your lifestyle habits.  Mental health is often affected negatively by callous lifestyles […]

How to help an Alcoholic to Quit Drinking Alcohol?

Today alcohol is available all over the world and it doesn’t take much time for an individual to get addicted to it. Though fortunately enough with treatment and ongoing support, individuals with alcoholism can get recovered. It is very important for people to be aware about treatments and process of recovery. Here are a few […]

Choosing The Right Rehabilitation Center

Choosing The Right Rehabilitation Center To understand and accept that you or a dear one has an addiction problem is the first step towards the road to recovery. The next step is to find a rehabilitation center that suits you and accommodates your requirements. A lot of the facilities may be similar at rehab centers […]

Meet your Valentine – You

  Love is powerful thing. If you feel like you are giving more love than you are receiving or if you have been suffering with or recovering from addiction, this article is for you. Every 14th of February has been about making your partner feel loved. This year, let’s bring change in the concept. Make […]

Ways To Prevent Internet Addiction and Study More Productively

Concentration is a crucial part to the process of studying. But there are distractions that be can annoying and create interruptions. It is essential to have complete dedication and be away from all the distractions for a positive and concentrative studying environment. Some of the important things to keep in which are – Disconnect from […]