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Drug Addiction—Enslaved to a Substance

Substance addiction in literal sense is its dependency to an extent that it starts controlling you. Which means, you lose control over your choices of not taking the substance. It also means being controlled by the people who provide you with such drugs. Your behavior becomes focused on seeking money to get drugs. In simple […]

What Do You Do When Cravings Hit?

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or smoking addiction you are recovering from, cravings can hit you anytime. Doesn’t matter if you have quite a week before or not used it for a long time. Cravings or urges are a common part of the addiction recovery and are quite intense during the withdrawal phase. For successful and complete […]

Meet your Valentine – You

  Love is powerful thing. If you feel like you are giving more love than you are receiving or if you have been suffering with or recovering from addiction, this article is for you. Every 14th of February has been about making your partner feel loved. This year, let’s bring change in the concept. Make […]

The Stress Connection to Addiction

The stress that the mind encapsulates is what is reflected in the body and brain. Depending on the circumstances and how an individual can handle a situation, decides how the stress levels are going to affect them. In today times, when pressure is built on the young minds of our generation and the way they […]

How Anxiety and Depression are Connected

Depression and anxiety are associated disorders that can have an enormous influence on your total health. But as a matter of fact, both are manageable conditions. Since both are interconnected and majorly leads to mental illness, it’s important to recognize the connection to prevent the hazardous effects. Depression is such a disorder that does not […]

What is the role of Parents to Prevent Teen Suicide?

According to one of the recent surveys, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people of age 15 to 24. The statistics are scary especially for the parents who sometimes even can’t figure out if their child is suffering from any mental sickness. It’s equally about raising the awareness among their guardians apart […]