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Life after recovering from alcohol addiction is critical to prevent relapse

Here are some tips from people who’ve successfully recovered and live a sober life. Recovering from alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest steps in addict’s life. After going through a series of rigorous steps of alcohol addiction treatment, life after recovery poses another set of challenges. To stay committed to sober lifestyle, here […]


The expedition to a sober life is not a fast and calm. It is an all-time commitment of keenness and hard work. The rewards gained from transforming a life of addiction into a life of retrieval, nevertheless, are infinite and worth the struggle. DIVISIONS Rehabilitation can be used to aid an individual recover from strong […]

Follow This 7-Simple Tips To Stay Detox Healthy & Fit

‘DETOX your mind, body and soul’ Detoxing and regular body cleansing are a subject of huge importance for a healthy living. Before we proceed, it’s crucial to know exactly what detox is. A detox is a process in which an individual makes lifestyle changes to remove all the negative effects (toxins) on the body from […]