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What Do You Do When Cravings Hit?

Whether it’s drugs, alcohol or smoking addiction you are recovering from, cravings can hit you anytime. Doesn’t matter if you have quite a week before or not used it for a long time. Cravings or urges are a common part of the addiction recovery and are quite intense during the withdrawal phase. For successful and complete […]

It is Never Too Late to Seek Help: 3 Steps is all it takes

Even though it might not seem so, it’s never too late to take a U-turn towards the road to recovery. The only thing worse than being a serious addict is being a serious addict and living in denial. Granted, substance abuse is not a problem which could be fixed overnight, it takes time and conscious […]

Seeking a rehabilitation center for de-addiction

Rehabilitation centers provide several recovery programs for different addictions. A proper & well-equipped deaddiction rehab center can be a turning point for someone seeking recovery from substance abuse. It helps the addict in avoiding relapses and escaping the guilt that takes place with it. Negative feelings hover along with relapse and a patient in process […]

Meet your Valentine – You

  Love is powerful thing. If you feel like you are giving more love than you are receiving or if you have been suffering with or recovering from addiction, this article is for you. Every 14th of February has been about making your partner feel loved. This year, let’s bring change in the concept. Make […]

Is weed addiction real enough to seek treatment?

Most of us know that weed is widely used. What we don’t know are answers to the following questions; is weed a drug? Can it and does it cause addiction? The answer to the first question is often found in two extremes; one is that it is definitely a dangerous drug and the other is […]

Mental Disorders that Co-Occur with Substance Abuse

  A co-occurring disorder refers to when individuals suffer from more than one medical disorder. People who have substance use disorders, as well as mental health disorders, are also diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders. This is sometimes called a dual diagnosis. Individuals with a drug addiction and a major physical health problem such as AIDS […]

Give your body the exercise it deserves!

The only definitive ‘truth’ about mental health is its existence. The rest is subjective to those who have experienced mental illness and those who are involved in treatment and therapy of the same. Popular culture almost always portrays rehabilitation centers with hospital beds, IV drips, group counselling sessions and support groups. Although these are present […]