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It is Never Too Late to Seek Help: 3 Steps is all it takes

Even though it might not seem so, it’s never too late to take a U-turn towards the road to recovery. The only thing worse than being a serious addict is being a serious addict and living in denial. Granted, substance abuse is not a problem which could be fixed overnight, it takes time and conscious […]

Seeking a rehabilitation center for de-addiction

Rehabilitation centers provide several recovery programs for different addictions. A proper & well-equipped deaddiction rehab center can be a turning point for someone seeking recovery from substance abuse. It helps the addict in avoiding relapses and escaping the guilt that takes place with it. Negative feelings hover along with relapse and a patient in process […]


The expedition to a sober life is not a fast and calm. It is an all-time commitment of keenness and hard work. The rewards gained from transforming a life of addiction into a life of retrieval, nevertheless, are infinite and worth the struggle. DIVISIONS Rehabilitation can be used to aid an individual recover from strong […]

Helping and Learning to “Just Say No”

Every teen and young adult once in their life are confronted with drugs or alcohol. The fatal truth is that many of them will be asked by friends or classmates, if they want to try drugs or alcohol. As parents or counsellors, the best that can be done is to direct them in the right […]

Yoga and Addiction treatment

Empowering your body with yoga during early recovery During the initial phase of recovery, heavy exercise is not recommended since it can add a substantial amount of strain on the already damaged central nervous system. Since it is in the process of recovery, it can trigger some serious health crisis. On the other hand, some […]

How to Enroll an Alcoholic into Treatment

Being addicted to alcohol can be a difficult situation for an individual. It could also be, that they do not realize they are addicted to it and can be in constant denial. In times like these, if an alcoholic is reluctant to seek help, there is a way where the support of family and friends […]

Why is it important to consider a Rehabilitation Centre

Rehabilitation becomes essential when an individual loses direction into the wrong path and needs to be brought back to the right one. It is a challenging situation when an individual must learn to live an addiction free life after going through the treatment. A complete treatment and training is provided to clients, wherein they are […]