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The correlation of drug addiction with suggestive music

Drugs are frequently associated with music. They have become a fad in new-age music and pop culture has glorified their use. Musicians from the 50s & 60s have referenced drugs in their songs which has only caught the pace from there. Following the trend, musicians of today are on the same track. They portray substance […]

An integrated approach towards the treatment of addiction & depression

Addiction & Depression are two wrongs that intensify each other. Sometimes, the former may lead to the latter and vice versa. Determining the root cause is difficult but both must be treated as equal contributors in worsening mental & physical health. The most important aspect is that they feed off each other. If not treated […]

Why an enjoyable summer experience doesn’t need the use of weed?

Summer time calls for relaxed & chilled-out weekends. These weekends shape up into long-holidays depending on the vacation vibe that you’re feeling. Swimming in the ocean, water sports, nature retreats, road trips & countless activities make some of the memorable summer moments. Not only in summer, these celebratory moments can be enjoyed in any season. […]

Anger in recovery: the gateway to recurring relapses & health hazards

Achieving emotional stability is a major indicator of healthy recovery. But sometimes, they overpower the addict’s will to attain a positive mindset. Emotions like anger & irritation cause major hindrances in drug addiction treatment as they trigger feelings that lead to frequent relapses in recovery. If an alcohol addict takes a decision in anger, it […]

Over-The-Counter Drug Abuse is real, don’t take it casually

OTC or Over-The-Counter drugs are medicinal drugs acquired easily from a local drug store. Since they don’t require a doctor’s prescription, teenagers are easily susceptible to their influence. They aren’t as lethal as illegal drugs like weed or heroin. Yet they possess physical & mental dangers that can make the user addicted to them in […]

Why Do Teenagers Initiate The Use of Alcohol & Drugs?

The teenage phase is a vulnerable time for everyone. This is when people start to make their own decisions and build their own identities. But, it is important to understand that teens don’t use alcohol or drugs with the intent of becoming addicted. Their adolescence makes them believe that only those who drink or consume […]

Ways To Prevent Internet Addiction and Study More Productively

Concentration is a crucial part to the process of studying. But there are distractions that be can annoying and create interruptions. It is essential to have complete dedication and be away from all the distractions for a positive and concentrative studying environment. Some of the important things to keep in which are – Disconnect from […]