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Meet your Valentine – You

  Love is powerful thing. If you feel like you are giving more love than you are receiving or if you have been suffering with or recovering from addiction, this article is for you. Every 14th of February has been about making your partner feel loved. This year, let’s bring change in the concept. Make […]

How Anxiety and Depression are Connected

Depression and anxiety are associated disorders that can have an enormous influence on your total health. But as a matter of fact, both are manageable conditions. Since both are interconnected and majorly leads to mental illness, it’s important to recognize the connection to prevent the hazardous effects. Depression is such a disorder that does not […]

What is the role of Parents to Prevent Teen Suicide?

According to one of the recent surveys, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for people of age 15 to 24. The statistics are scary especially for the parents who sometimes even can’t figure out if their child is suffering from any mental sickness. It’s equally about raising the awareness among their guardians apart […]

Follow This 7-Simple Tips To Stay Detox Healthy & Fit

‘DETOX your mind, body and soul’ Detoxing and regular body cleansing are a subject of huge importance for a healthy living. Before we proceed, it’s crucial to know exactly what detox is. A detox is a process in which an individual makes lifestyle changes to remove all the negative effects (toxins) on the body from […]

Yoga and Addiction treatment

Empowering your body with yoga during early recovery During the initial phase of recovery, heavy exercise is not recommended since it can add a substantial amount of strain on the already damaged central nervous system. Since it is in the process of recovery, it can trigger some serious health crisis. On the other hand, some […]