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Internet Addiction: Social Dysfunction

Internet Addiction! Sounds insane, isn’t it? After all, the internet is the tool of our communication and business today. It allows us to connect with people and express our talents on various avenues. Simply put, it has become the way of our life. Then how can something that is all around us and the core […]

Ways To Prevent Internet Addiction and Study More Productively

Concentration is a crucial part to the process of studying. But there are distractions that be can annoying and create interruptions. It is essential to have complete dedication and be away from all the distractions for a positive and concentrative studying environment. Some of the important things to keep in which are – Disconnect from […]

Understanding the Gaming Addiction

The game industry is releasing more multifaceted, genuine, and fascinating video games designed to hold the attention of erudite gamers. One critical result of the nature of these video games is an augmented compulsion to play them. These compulsions can interfere with daily life and responsibilities, ultimately hampering the mindset. Video games can be an […]