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An integrated approach towards the treatment of addiction & depression

Addiction & Depression are two wrongs that intensify each other. Sometimes, the former may lead to the latter and vice versa. Determining the root cause is difficult but both must be treated as equal contributors in worsening mental & physical health. The most important aspect is that they feed off each other. If not treated […]

The Stress Connection to Addiction

The stress that the mind encapsulates is what is reflected in the body and brain. Depending on the circumstances and how an individual can handle a situation, decides how the stress levels are going to affect them. In today times, when pressure is built on the young minds of our generation and the way they […]

How Anxiety and Depression are Connected

Depression and anxiety are associated disorders that can have an enormous influence on your total health. But as a matter of fact, both are manageable conditions. Since both are interconnected and majorly leads to mental illness, it’s important to recognize the connection to prevent the hazardous effects. Depression is such a disorder that does not […]

Five Simple Tips To Tame Your Stress

Mental Illness, Mental problems, anxiety or stress are simply the different names of ‘Mental Disorder’. It slowly grows from a plain or mild tinkling in your brain and then, it takes a massive form. A wide range of conditions that affect mood, thinking and behavior to whom stress hit frequently, there are few reasons of […]