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Why Do Teenagers Initiate The Use of Alcohol & Drugs?

The teenage phase is a vulnerable time for everyone. This is when people start to make their own decisions and build their own identities. But, it is important to understand that teens don’t use alcohol or drugs with the intent of becoming addicted. Their adolescence makes them believe that only those who drink or consume drugs for years suffer from addiction and that it could never happen to them. The reasons for teenage drug-use are as complex as teenagers themselves. Here are a few.


Peer pressure arises from the need to fit in. It is especially influential during adolescence, a time when the social scene often revolves around drinking and smoking marijuana. The most common way for teens to start trying a substance is ready availability and seeing friends enjoy it. Many see this as a part of the normal teenage experience. The pressure to confirm with one’s peers makes it difficult to just say ‘no’ as doing so often results in rejection and bullying.


For teens who can’t tolerate being alone and crave excitement, alcohol and marijuana becomes their void filling substance. It provides a common ground for interacting with similar teens, a way to instantly confirm with a group of peers. Popular media also plays a huge role in propagation of the abuse. Many songs and movies portray drugs as normal and even cool.


Many teens see abuse as a form of rebellion. Angry teens use alcohol or methamphetamine (meth) as it frees them to behave aggressively. Marijuana is more of an avoidance drug. LSD and hallucinogens are also escape drugs, often used by young people who feel misunderstood and long for an escape. Smoking cigarettes to flaunt their independence and to make their parents angry are also portrayals of rebellion. Also, drugs and alcohol provide instant gratification, it is easy to see them as a short cut to happiness.


The influence of alcohol and drugs often changes the behavior of teenagers. This is evident in those who are shy or have social anxiety. Such change persuades many teens to abuse drugs, as it makes them feel different and confident.


If you have a drug consuming teen at home or are one yourself, understand that drug or alcohol abuse is not normal. It is dangerous for you and those around you. Consult the de-addiction experts at Alpha Healing Centre and get a holistic recovery experience. Get help now and live a happier and steadier life ahead.

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