The Alpha Healing Center recovery experience differs from that of other programs. We integrate holistic recovery and healing with scientific, evidence based practices to realize the best possible results.  In addition to addressing your addiction, holistic healing addresses your mind, body, and spirit. At Alpha Healing Center, we encourage healthy diet and exercise, developing and pursuing creative outlets, learning to utilize stress management techniques and spiritual growth – all integral to the holistic recovery experience.

What We Expect of You and Ourselves

The success of our programs and treatment interventions is dependent on several factors. At Alpha Healing Center, we want you to stay committed to your recovery. This means triumphing over negative thoughts and emotions, while reaching out for help when you need it. Being honest with us about your progress or any slips you might experience allows us to provide support. We also ask that you allow your family to be actively involved in your recovery.

For our part, the compassionate practitioners at Alpha Healing Center pledge to be there for you when you need help. We’ll respect your feelings and your confidentiality. We are as committed to your recovery as we ask you to be.

What You Can Expect from the Admission Process

When guests are admitted to other rehab facilities, the process is often limited to filling out paperwork. At Alpha Healing Center, you’ll meet with our multidisciplinary team, including medical and counseling practitioners, so they can determine your goals and expectations from rehab. At Alpha Healing Center, we’ll collect your substance abuse, psychiatric and medical histories to identify strengths and limitations that might affect your treatment and develop a plan for healing. When appropriate, we’ll gather information from your family and close friends to aid us in the treatment planning process.


Diet and Nutrition at Alpha Healing Center

Our holistic healing approach addresses your body as well as your mind, so the practitioners at Alpha Healing Center pay close attention to your diet and nutritional needs. We’ll teach you to recognize how negative emotions and stress can affect your eating habits, and how to make healthy food choices so you can heal and stay healthy.


Alpha Healing Center Outcomes

We closely monitor our guests’ progress and their outcomes at Alpha Healing Center. We achieve this through implementation of a data collection system that integrates evaluations, planning and quality assurance. We continually strive to improve, identifying the best and most successful practices through tracking our guests’ progress and results.


Aftercare Beyond Discharge

Your discharge doesn’t mean we stop aiding your recovery. We are committed to your long term success. We’ll make sure you’re armed for the future with a comprehensive aftercare plan complete with recommendations and resources in your area that will help you sustain your recovery, including referrals should you need them. We’ll also follow up with you regularly to offer our support.


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