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Tips to Quit Smoking for Good

‘Smoking is bad for health.’ We all know that. And yet, many succumb to this habit. If you are into smoking for long, you are probably already struggling with the idea of quitting. The idea of quitting can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you are too dependent on it and you might be already thinking that you can’t. That’s quite plausible.

However, Smoking can cause some serious health issues like heart problems, cancer risks, stroke, etc. And earlier you think and choose to quit smoking, better for you. Professional medical treatment and therapies can help you with this. And while you are at it, here are few tips to quit smoking for you:


  • Think It Through

Are you ready to quit smoking yet? Your mental readiness is an important stepping stone in starting your treatment. Unless you are truly ready, it is very unlikely that you may succeed. So, think it through. And if you are not able to make up your mind, think and write down all the reasons why you should and want to quit smoking. This will help you strengthen your determination.


  • Chalk Out A Plan

There is a wide range of treatment programs available to help you quit smoking, from medications, gums, and patches to personalized holistic therapies offered by rehab centers. Once you have decided to quit smoking, you must understand how your recovery journey is going to be, how much time it may take, what you should expect, etc. You can consult professional counselors to learn more about this and help you plan.


  • List Down Your Triggers

Awareness is the key to dealing with the issue. Knowing your triggers will help you deal with them effectively as and when you are faced with them. So, first thing first, make a list of all that triggers you into smoking.


  • Dealing with Triggers

Begin with your home. Remove all cigarettes, ashtrays, and smoking-related things from your home, car, office desk, etc. Install an air freshener to get rid of the smoke odor from your space. Avoid visiting places like parties that might trigger your craving. Request people in your surroundings not to smoke in front of you. Or excuse yourself when they are if your interaction with them is not required.


  • Manage Your Cravings

Cravings are quite normal once you start your ‘quit smoking’ program. But you can overcome them. An urge to smoke is believed to last for three to five minutes. That’s your time to wait out or manage. So, when it seeps in, you can redirect your mind to another activity, like you can get on with the call with a friend or channel your mind into playing a game on your phone, drink or eat something, etc. Taking some deep breaths will also help to pass through that time window.


  • Change Your Routine

When you were smoking, your body got acclimatized to a certain routine for smoking. You can break this schedule gradually to deal with your triggers. Whatever number of smoke breaks you might be taking, reduce them, change the timings, instead utilize that time to mingle with others or do some other activities. Build a new schedule.


  • Be Patient

A journey to quitting is not laid with flowers. You may experience emotional and physical turmoil and deal with it would be quite challenging. So, keep your patience. If you experience a small relapse, don’t be disappointed or give in. Consult and continue.


  • Build A Conducive Social Environment

Your social environment plays an important role in your quitting journey. Emotional and moral support from your friends and family would help you to get to your destination with ease. So, involve them in your journey, talk to them, seek help.

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