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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

When it comes to drugs and alcohol consumption, holding the notion that “I’ll do it only once” always prove to be fatal and addictive.

Substance abuse is a patterned use of drugs or alcohol in which the user consumes the substance which is harmful to themselves, and is a form of substance-related disorder. This is one of the many evil slow poisons prevailing in health anxiety and disorder.

Substance abuse can transpire to anyone who practices any type of substance to vary his or her mood. Luckily, there are simple actions to prevent drug abuse or relapse for those already in recovery. Prevention is key. This may sound like a cliché but is however true. By following the five simple tips, an individual can easily decrease the chance of developing a drug or alcohol addiction.

Deal with life pressures

You might have come across this reason a lot because it is one of the top excuses a substance abuser makes. For many people, drugs and alcohol consumption is a way to discharge the severe realities of life.  The primary question is, how to say no to the substances which will sooner or later affect your health? When you start dealing with the challenges of life, keeping in mind the near and dear ones around you, you realize that you are occupied in the cycle of happiness and sadness. Learning to handle life pressures will go a long path as it thrives you to face the addiction lagging, but it leaves ultimately forever.

Pact with peer pressures

Some people, mainly teenagers and young adults, experiment with alcohol and drugs to showcase a cool image in front of others. They try to impress or deceive their peers and eventually, they become the prey. They think that it will make them more suitable and general among other kids. Since this stage further elongates, it becomes a deadly addiction in the youth too, which subsequently deteriorates their health for an al longer term.

It’s as simple as that a person should withstand the first few times and the temptation would be ignored automatically. Also, avoiding situations like raves, parties, or other such events, can help an individual avoid peer pressure.

Develop close family ties-I

Socializing is a significant feature of a person’s overall wellbeing. Family and friends are everything for everyone. We abide by our close relationship with our spouse, children and other family members. The guidance and support provided by the family make it easier for a person to deal with life pressures and stay away from all types of harmful substances.

Being positively encircled by those who avoid dangerous substance consumption will limit a person’s exposure to addiction. Moreover, by selecting friends and family members who display love and care, ensures a positive environment, to which a person will have less risk of encountering substance abuse.

Develop close family ties-II

Modern life is filled with the stress of the pressures of family obligations, social activities, and commuting to work. People can prevent some of these triggers by just taking time to relax and talking it out, with their family members. Your head and heart need some time to take a pause before they could begin their activity perfectly. Just offer the ‘casual’ and ‘regular’ family sessions to work your abuse out. When there is no chronic stress, there will be no addiction.


Engage in Mindfulness Activities

Mindfulness activities, like yoga and meditation, have been very effective in managing damaging emotions, dipping anxiety and stress, which yields to improve overall health. Engaging in these activities will decrease many of the common triggers of drug abuse including negative emotions.


If it doesn’t go after all these efforts, then an individual has reached a stage higher and it’s time to consult the doctor or a rehab center. Treatment will also help those who already find themselves abusing drugs.

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