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Treatment Philosophy

  • Treatment Philosophy

Treatment Philosophy

To give each individual an exclusive experience of recovery with intense care is the philosophy that the Alpha Healing Center works towards.

Individual Centered Care

Every program is designed keeping in mind the requirements of each individual. It emphasizes on group-oriented programs supplemented by individual counselling. The group therapy sessions include emotional regulation techniques, skills learning, interpersonal and recovery processes, psychoeducational learning, cognitive-behavior restructuring, relapse prevention and stress reduction approaches. Specific groups for individuals with special needs are also presented.

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Therapeutic Approach

Each individual receives a comprehensive assessment by a highly professional team. The treatment is personalized to best fit the requirement of each client including those with co-occurring disorders. Singular counselling, medications for symptom management and drug observing services are available. Guests have accessibility with the main therapist and a continuous involvement with the therapeutic team. We boost family meetings and family educations in every individual’s treatment.

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