Alpha Healing Center is proud to offer several innovative and evidence-based treatment services in Gujarat, India. No two individuals struggling with addiction are exactly alike. They may deal with different substances, different levels of dependency and different underlying issues. They may come from different backgrounds. The compassionate staff at Alpha Healing Center understands these facts, and our drug and alcohol treatment programs are tailored to meet your specific needs, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation by our team of professionals.

Traditional Residential

Most people don’t fight addiction alone. Family and friends are impacted, as well, so it’s important that they be invited into the process of healing. At Alpha Healing Center, we know that support system involvement is crucial to recovery success. Involving family in your care will provide them with the education and therapy necessary to assist you in the recovery process and embark on a healing process of their own. Please see our Family Program page for more information about how we’ll include your loved ones in your recovery.


Our Partial Care Program (PCP)

Just as some of our guests need more intensive care than traditional residential services offer, others require an even more intensive level of treatment and support. This program is designed to provide assistance to guests who do not require residential care but need more support than inditional residential services offer. The Partial Care Program is a short term program that is offered five days per week in order to maximize the therapeutic value of residential treatment and provide stabilization in recovery. Holistic healing is a fundamental aspect of all our addiction treatment programs, including PCP. Holistic therapies include massage, meditation, yoga and biofeedback, as well as nutritional and exercise components.


Our Residential Programs

Alpha Healing Center’s is the primary level of treatment offered. This includes 3-4 treatment contacts per week in order to assist clients in the development of coping skills, interpersonal relationship skills, and relapse prevention. Similar to PCP, it includes individual and group counseling, as well as mental health and family services. All holistic therapies are available to clients in either of our residential programs.


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Our Substance Abuse Counseling Program

Counseling provides the backbone of our treatment services at Alpha Healing Center, regardless of the substance of abuse. We offer both individual and group counseling programs. In individual sessions, you’ll meet weekly or more with a primary therapist who will help you cope with any emotional issues that may play a role in your addiction. The frequency of sessions is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of the individual. Group counseling fosters a sense of belonging and connection to others who are experiencing similar issues. Through group counseling you will recognize that you are not alone. See our page on substance abuse counseling for more information.

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