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Ways To Prevent Internet Addiction and Study More Productively

Concentration is a crucial part to the process of studying. But there are distractions that be can annoying and create interruptions. It is essential to have complete dedication and be away from all the distractions for a positive and concentrative studying environment.

Some of the important things to keep in which are –

Disconnect from the phone world

Individuals of the current generation find it very difficult to keep the mobile phone aside even for a few mins. The smallest sound of beep makes them want to know the update that has just buzzed. The best thing to do in such circumstances is to either put your phone on silent mode or switch off the data/internet connection to the mobile phone.

TIP: If you have a specific scheduled planned for the day to study make sure you turn off the internet when it’s your study time.

Pulling off the internet cable

Even though the data/internet of your mobile phone may be switched off, the home Wi-Fi can still be a continuing distraction for your studies. The easiest way to avoid this kind of internet addiction and interference is by pulling out the ethernet cable, turning off your modem and switching off your wireless mode. Make it a point that before you sit for your dedicated study time, you check all the messages, mails and social media pages that you are interested in; so, once you start your studies you won’t feel the need to be distracted by it.

TIP: Try to involve yourself in other activities which would keep you busy and not be distracted with your mobile phone during the day.

Proper planning and execution

Planning gives a proper structure to your studying schedule. Assign time and day to each subject that you plan to study. It is also important to have your break scheduled that allows you to browse the internet, eat and relax.

Complete the first plan before making a second.

Planning surely helps to get things done. But it is important to finish plan 1 before you make a plan 2. Execution of a plan is as important as making a plan for studying. Hence, prioritizing your tasks will help you to garner good and positive results.

Studying the smart way

Everyone has their way of studying. Some people like to study in groups while some like to study individually. Whichever you do, planning and execution will make your studying progress a success. It will help you be ahead in your studies.

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