Giving up smoking at any age has major short-term and long-term health benefits. Quitting and staying away from cigarettes is difficult, but not impossible. At Alpha Healing Center, the program is designed by expert psychiatrists and doctors in the USA. Our evidence-based holistic treatment offers a conducive and positive environment to help patients recover from Tobacco and Smoking Addiction.

Quit Smoking & Tobacco Comfortably

The fundamental difference between the way we address smoking and the way it has been thought about in the past is that we treat it as a medical condition that needs to be controlled… just like asthma or diabetes.

Our program builds the right attitude with the right frame of mind through counselling, therapies, holistic treatments and appropriate medications to derive Synergy.

    • We don’t make you feel ashamed about smoking.
    • We don’t frighten you into quitting.
    • We don’t rely on gimmicks for treatment.

We’ve helped hundreds of patients quit smoking successfully by designing a plan that meets their individual needs. Our personalized treatment approach will work even for chronic smokers who have previously attempted to quit but relapsed later.

The Process of quitting Tobacco Consumption / Smoking

Nicotine replacement therapy & Bupropion are effective treatment to help quit smoking, however when combined with Counselling & Holistic therapies it works in synergy & hence helps individual begin the journey of quitting in 2 weeks followed by 6 months post discharge follow up

Do you find quitting tobacco difficult? The reason you continue to use tobacco is not because you are weak-willed or irresponsible, but because nicotine is highly compelling once you are used to it.

The quitting process involves three steps:

    • Preparation before quitting
    • Process of achieving resistance and quitting the consumption
    • Control after quitting

This program will guide you through each of these steps.

Alpha Healing Center can help!

We offer medical attention by specialised doctors who visit daily for one on one session. We strongly believe that with the right tools of recovery that we possess the patient will soon regain control over their life. The two week program amidst nature enables you to focus on quitting the intake of tobacco and connect with yourself along with a mindful experience.

The residential experience at Alpha is medically acclaimed to deliver a high recovery rate. The treatment is not only restricted to the residential program as we offer aftercare remote program once the patient has left the facility.

The program includes exclusivity and care by a team of experts.

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