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Why Have A Sober Lifestyle?

The crucial and starting days of addiction is a struggle. Thoughts come rolling in the mind, of how challenging the current phase is and how life would be different afterward. But the most vital is the importance of your life which is renewed and consider yourself lucky to have an opportunity to live a healthy and sober lifestyle.

All the misconceptions of addictions will be cleared and a calmer state of mind is achieved. There is nothing compared to the joy and benefits of living a sober lifestyle.

Let’s peek into a few areas of how things change drastically:

1. Clear Memory
It’s always about ‘you’. If you are good then everything around is good too. Being in a state of addiction keeps your memory of things in a haze but being sober keeps it all crystal clear. No more of forgetting birthdays or events. When you are sober, you learn to appreciate the simple joys of life like a – newly blossomed flower in your garden or a person holding the door for you at the supermarket. Both health and life are seen with a mental clarity and goals can be accomplished.

2. Looking Good
The moment you start recovery from addictions, you see the positive effects it has on your body. The body has adverse effects of the toxins an addict intakes and once you stop using them, the body will also see the optimistic changes. The body skin will seem clear, blemishes and dark circles will lessen. The better the body will feel, the best will the personal you.

3. Healthy Relationships
Once the sober lifestyle is commenced, relationships too get better and healthier. Whether you are a daughter or son to your parent or whether you a parent to your children; every relation gets better. Relationships are given the importance they deserve, additionally even the reliability and trust are gained.

4. Exercising Regularly
Just as you start taking care of yourself and be sober, the unwanted extra calories consumed during alcohol or inactive lifestyle changes. It is a good habit, to have an exercise routine which will not only keep you physically fit but also reduce the risk for weight-related complications.

Exercising Regularly

5. Better Finances
There is no proper realization as to how much money is spent when a person is not sober either because of drugs or alcohol. But when you are sober, you can manage your finances in a better way by investing into new hobbies, travelling or personal investment.

6. Adequate Time
There is no track of time when an individual is engulfed into the world or drugs and alcohol addiction. Sometimes in the start, all the extra time might seem overwhelming but gradually you figure out different activities that can be done to make your time productive.

7. Extra Energy
No more tiredness, laziness or sleepiness. Now your brain is active and alert, making you feel completely energized. The body will also take a few days to adjust to the new sober you, but there isn’t anything to worry about as it will soon get accustomed to the healthy you.

8. Enjoying Oneself
With a healthy you, more time, money and energy will make a happy you. There are endless ways to keep yourself active like – by going to the park with your friends, going out for dinner with family, learning a new musical instrument or simply taking your dog on regular walks. This all will make you experience life to the fullest on daily basis.

9. Respectful Acceptance
Being sober is accepted and acknowledged by others. They understand the efforts you took to get sober and lead a healthy life. By giving this positive impression, people around you, accept and respect you. To take the step of being sober displays a great amount of self-respect as you commit to discontinue the abuse of your body and mind.

10. Feeling Positive About Yourself
The best gift that an individual can gift himself/herself is sobriety. The feeling of freedom from addiction is unparalleled to anything else and to be able to gain independence from shame and guilt to addictive behavior is truly positive. It is a moment of being proud, for every day of sobriety.

Feeling Positive

However difficult the circumstances may be, but if you are determined then anything is achievable. Take the plunge to sobriety because there is nothing better than having an addiction free life.

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