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Working With the God of Your Understanding in Recovery – The Role of Spirituality

Carrie Underwood said it famously in her hit song, ‘Jesus, take the wheel.’ Whether you put your faith in God or Allah, your faith may or may not condemn substance use, leaving you to wonder if help can be found through faith. Buddhists are strongly discouraged from using “drugs that cause carelessness,” while Christianity and Judaism merely caution against alcohol and substance use in general. But nothing suggests that you can’t put your recovery in the hands of the God of your understanding.

Letting Your God Replace Your Old Life

Most recovery programs suggest that addicts should remove themselves from their old ways of life—and those they associated with while abusing the substance. This could mean friends and acquaintances, or even a whole neighborhood or job. But it leaves a void where those people or circumstances used to exist in your life. Consider letting your God fill this empty space. This may be through religious services or one-on-one prayer or meditation, but you can take it one step further and relocate yourself to a place where others share your beliefs and your quest for sobriety. Try filling spare hours with regular church fellowship meetings or a prayer group.

The Role of Holistic Healing

Many treatment programs use holistic approaches to guide users to recovery and to help them stay there. The principle of holistic care is that your addiction is not just affecting your body. It is debilitating your mind and your spirit too. Holistic healing focuses on the whole you, all these integral parts, for a more favorable outcome. Scientific studies have shown that unless the whole body is part of a treatment program, relapse becomes more likely.

Putting your problem in the hands of your God can be a key component of holistic treatment. God can heal your spirit. Consider a treatment program that accommodates your beliefs and your reliance on your God while also working to heal your physical need for the substance that has taken control of your life.

Reach Out to Others

It may help to talk about what you’re going through – and what you’ve accomplished so far in your recovery. A fundamental aspect of many faiths is helping others. Sharing your experience with other individuals does not have to be limited to helping with your own recovery. You may find that others in your church fellowship group or recovery group are just now where you were a year ago. Consider lending them an ear, a shoulder to lean on, or a helping hand. The benefits most likely will not be mutually exclusive – you’ll all have something to gain.

Just as Carrie Underwood turned it over to Jesus in her song, you may find great relief in relinquishing your burden to the God of your choice and letting him take over with your cooperation and that of your treatment team

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