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Alcohol Addiction Treatment (Alcoholism Treatment)

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The all-inclusive alcohol addiction treatment program of Alpha Healing Center aims to heal the body and mind simultaneously from alcoholism.


Alpha Healing Center in India is elevated with a purpose to provide world-class inpatient treatment center for alcohol addiction, with the help of highly qualified counselors and unique treatment programs. It offers the most effective and long term alcoholism recovery treatment to individuals struggling with alcohol use problems.

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism Treatment in India

The Alcohol De-Addiction Center in Mumbai, Gujarat, and India is absolutely one of a kind. Treatment plan at our alcohol rehab that integrates the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), twelve-step facilitation and mindfulness meditation, has a strong evidence base of being the most effective treatment for not only alcohol but also other types of addiction and their related disorders. The center also focuses on an individual’s physical fitness with the help of recovery yoga.



Moreover, what kind of treatment will an individual be rendered with, depends on the type of addiction he/she is suffering from, i.e. either a person is facing the problem of alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. In general, AHC undermines the alcohol addiction from the roots and that’s how we are different from other recovery & treatment centers in Mumbai, Gujarat, India.



People usually confuse alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence or even think of both to mean the same. However, alcohol addiction is different from alcohol dependence. Alcohol addiction is a physiological issue, wherein the brain’s reward system has been altered into a state in which it almost ceaselessly craves for alcohol.


As far as alcohol dependence is concerned, it is one step above, as in such cases an individual not only experiences cravings but also is a physical dependence on alcohol. Therefore, it requires detoxification before the commencement of treatment. Our exceptional rehabilitation treatment programs are complemented by the well-experienced staff who serves an individual with perfect assessment, great hospitality and encourage them to get healed absolutely.

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How Long Does Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Typically Last For Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

If you are contemplating whether to enter inpatient treatment for alcohol, you are probably interested to know how long it will last. However, questions revolving around the light of a treatment program have no definitive answer.


No two patients have the same treatment journey. People differ in commitment to treatment and ability to withstand withdrawal symptoms. While some people start and finish their treatment journey with only a handful of challenges, others experience several relapses. It’s what often contributes to lengthening the treatment plan.


However, our inpatient treatment plans often last from one to three months. In some instances, however, the program can last for even more than six months. The most important thing is not the length of the journey but reaching your destination. To know more details about our alcohol rehab center, please feel free to call us.

Helping Individual With Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Watching a loved one in the family, a friend, neighbour, or even colleague battle alcoholism can be difficult. While you could wish to help, you may not know how to go about it. Moreover, most alcohol addicts don’t even know or accept they have a problem.


The best way to help someone with alcohol addiction is to help them seek professional help. You can do so by:


• Researching about alcohol addiction—it’ll help you discuss the matter from the point of knowledge.

• Practice how you approach the topic. Don’t be hurtful, presumptions, or mad at them.

• Choose the right place and time.

• Assure them of your genuine support

• Stage an intervention, for example:

a) Involve other people you know the person respects, for  example, a religious leader

b) Advise them on where and how to get professional help

c) Explain the available science-based treatment options

Highly Qualified & Experienced Staff at Alpha Healing Center

If you are battling alcohol use disorder, essential that you get professional help from alcoholic rehab center. Get in touch with Highly Qualified & Experienced Staff at Alpha Healing Center for alcohol treatment.  While it might seem chilling and overwhelming at first, you have to recognize that in the end, rehabilitation is a positive experience.  Don’t allow your suspicions and uncertainties about what happens in treatment to hinder you from making a positive change in your life. 


Experts at the Alpha healing Center use various residential treatment programs for alcohol recovery programs, including:


• Behavioral therapies, for example,  cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). 

• Family therapy

• Treatment for co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis

• 12-step programs, for instance, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 

Alpha Healing Center: Residential Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

At Alpha Healing Center – Alcohol rehab center in Mumbai, Gujarat, India, an individual is given a luxurious private room, situated amidst the lush greenery, the goodness of which helps the guests to keep themselves cool and calm. Moreover, the serenity of the center, created due to the nature surrounding it, encourages the guests to keep themselves busy with physical activities or sports, yoga, meditation and of course with therapy & addiction treatment sessions, so that they can heal themselves in every aspect of life. That is why AHC is an exceptional and affordable de-addiction center for alcohol and drug addicts.


Apart from considering the main purpose of alcohol recovery program, is the design & the atmosphere of the center is focused, then it is no less than a resort, which offers the guests with world-class, deluxe rehab facilities at a low cost. Just one glance around the premises and the individual will be convinced to take Alpha Healing Center as the perfect place to treat & recover its problem of alcohol addiction. 


The comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program of Alpha Healing Center aims to heal body and mind simultaneously. It commences with an initial assessment of the guests wherein a counselor and a member of the center’s medical team are involved. If an individual is assessed to be physically dependent on alcohol, then he or she is required to undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox program for first few days.


Otherwise, the individual begins with the weekly schedule of treatment and several therapies, which also includes the activities for physical fitness, art therapy, yoga and mindfulness meditation, that will together help him or her build coping skills, ensuring an individual’s absolute recovery. This rehabilitation center in India also provides an opportunity for local excursions to guests for them to revive and once again experience the adventure and thrill of life.

When it comes to addiction treatment, time is often the essential factor. To start with the treatment, firstly the guest has to contact to a staff member so that he/she can soon commence with the journey of recovery and towards a happy & healthy life.

The team of Alpha considers the person’s treatment confidentiality as its top priority and firmly ensures of the same. The decision of who amongst the relatives or friends will know of his/her stay in rehab is solely made by the guest.

Even though our rehab center is incredibly luxurious, the cost of treatment is low. However, it usually depends on how long the person will have to stay for absolute recovery. And so, to acquire more information on the alcohol rehab programs, it is better to enquire it from one of the staff members of Alpha.

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