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Alcohol Addiction Treatment (Alcoholism Treatment)

  • Alcohol Addiction Treatment

The all-inclusive alcohol addiction treatment program of Alpha Healing Center aims to heal the body and mind simultaneously from alcoholism.


Irresponsible alcohol consumption is responsible for 5.9% of total deaths and circa 5.1% of the global burden of injury and disease. Research by the Frontiers in Public Health shows that India is the world’s third-largest market for alcoholic drinks, with an estimate of 16 crore alcohol users. 


As alcohol consumption soars in India, most users have found themselves trapped in alcohol dependency and addiction. Addiction and dependency are conditions that can often affect the user’s physical and mental health. 



Alpha Healing Center in India is elevated with a purpose to provide world-class inpatient treatment center for alcohol addiction, with the help of highly qualified counselors and unique treatment programs. It offers the most effective and long term alcoholism recovery treatment to individuals struggling with alcohol use problems.

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    Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism or Alcohol Dependency

    Alcoholism or alcohol addiction is the excessive and recurrent consumption of alcohol to the point where the user hurts or harms themselves or others. The harm caused can be physical, mental, economic, or even legal. In most cases, the user loses control over their drinking habits.

    When one is suffering from alcoholism, they might continue to drink even when the indulgence is causing them problems. In addition, any attempt to quit will result in severe and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


    People usually confuse alcohol addiction and alcohol dependence or even think of both to mean the same. However, alcohol addiction is different from alcohol dependence. Alcohol addiction is a physiological issue, wherein the brain’s reward system has been altered into a state in which it almost ceaselessly craves for alcohol. As far as alcohol dependence is concerned, it is one step above, as in such cases an individual not only experiences cravings but also is a physical dependence on alcohol. Therefore, it requires detoxification before the commencement of treatment. Our exceptional rehabilitation treatment programs are complemented by the well-experienced staff who serves an individual with perfect assessment, great hospitality and encourage them to get healed absolutely.

    Signs of an Alcoholism Problem

    As mentioned in the introduction, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a health condition where the patient’s indulgence in alcohol consumption results in distress or harm. The severity of the condition is dependent on several factors and ranges from mild to severe. 


    You might be suffering from alcoholism if you are experiencing any of the following signs:

    • Spending most of your time drinking alcoholic beverages
    • You cannot limit or control the amount of alcohol that you take
    • Avoiding contact with close friends
    • Craving alcohol during working hours
    • Overspending on alcohol
    • Prioritising alcohol more than other important responsibilities
    • Increased depression, lethargy, and other emotional issues

    Alcohol Rehab Programs in India - Rehab For Alcohol Addiction

    Alpha Healing Center offers a wide variety of alcohol addiction treatment programs depending on the patient’s needs. Since different patients respond differently to specific forms of rehabilitation care, our professionals will devise the treatment program that best suits your needs.

    Treatment plan at our alcohol rehab that integrates the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), twelve-step facilitation and mindfulness meditation, has a strong evidence base of being the most effective treatment for not only alcohol but also other types of addiction and their related disorders. The center also focuses on an individual’s physical fitness with the help of recovery yoga.

    Moreover, what kind of treatment will an individual be rendered with, depends on the type of addiction he/she is suffering from, i.e. either a person is facing the problem of alcohol addiction or alcohol dependence. In general, AHC undermines the alcohol addiction from the roots and that’s how we are different from other recovery & treatment centers.


    More often than not, people suffering from alcohol addiction live in denial. They are not ready to face the reality that they could be suffering from an addiction and alcohol dependency problem. If your loved one or a friend is showing signs of addiction, you can always intervene to help them seek help.

    During an intervention, you can call our addiction treatment professional to speak to your suffering friend or loved one about their addiction and the risk it poses to their mental and physical health. Our therapist will brief the process, and how our rehabilitation centre can help them recover from the addiction.

    Alcohol Detoxification

    Rehab programs at Alpha Healing Center begins with a detoxification program where the alcohol in your body is flashed out under close medical supervision. Unlike DIY detoxification, medical alcohol detoxification does not trigger unwanted withdrawal symptoms.


    Detoxification is a short treatment plan that takes a few days at maximum, under the doctors observation. Our medical professionals will help you quit alcohol consumption during this period while managing associated withdrawal with appropriate medication.

    Inpatient Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre

    Inpatient alcohol addiction treatment programs offer the much-needed break from the everyday environmental triggers that might have enabled your alcohol abuse. In this program, the patient is admitted to a residential rehab facility where they are expected to stay until the completion of their treatment program.


    At Alpha Healing Center popular rehab for alcohol addiction, we offer our patients a safe and peaceful environment where they can focus on recovery with ease. Once enrolled, you will undergo a personalised addiction recovery program designed to address your unique needs.


    The program starts with an intake assessment where the medical professionals evaluate your mental and physical health. This helps them figure out which treatment approach will be best for your condition. After that, we will draw up your weekly treatment plan, which will normally cover:


    Aftercare Services

    Aftercare is typically an extension of the main rehabilitation programs that’s aimed at supporting rehab graduates to maintain a sober lifestyle. Some people find it challenging to maintain sobriety upon leaving the rehab facility, which is why it’s important that you enrol in an aftercare program.


    Recovery is a life-long journey, and aftercare/ alumni programs are there to help you avoid the risk of relapsing. Most aftercare programs are a combination of individual, group, and evidence-based therapy sessions. Others will include the 12-step programs.

    Alcohol De Addiction Rehab
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    What To Expect from Our Alcohol Addiction Recovery Program

    Here are some of the treatment programs offered within our inpatient alcohol addiction treatment in India. 


    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    CBT is a form of therapy that focuses on identifying situations and feelings known as cues that often lead to heavy drinking. Cognitive behavioural therapy will also teach you how to better manage your stress to avoid relapsing into old drinking habits.


    The main objective in CBT is to train the patient how to change their thought processes that resulted in alcohol abuse. In addition, you will develop the skills necessary to handle everyday situations with the potential of triggering alcohol cravings. 


    Motivational Enhancement Therapy


    From the name, this is a short therapy program aimed at building and strengthening your motivation to change your drinking behaviour. Motivational enhancement therapy will focus on identifying the advantages of seeking professional treatment, building confidence, formulating plans to change drinking habits, and instilling skills needed to follow through with the plan.


    Marital and Family Counseling 


    This program may require the presence of your spouse and other family members during therapy and counselling sessions. It’s helpful where the root problem leading to alcoholism is based upon broken family relationships. 


    Additionally, research shows that having a strong family support system during addiction recovery increases the chances of maintaining long-term sobriety. 

    Choosing Alpha Healing Center For Alcohol Abuse Treatment

    Here are reasons why you should choose Alpha Healing Center for residential alcohol abuse treatment:


    Personalised Treatment Programs

    Every individual is affected by alcohol addiction differently. This necessitates the need to have treatment programs customised to meet the unique needs of each patient. Addiction treatment professionals at Alpha Healing Center will work with you to design the best treatment program for your needs. 


    Complete Withdrawal Management

    Quitting alcohol can be challenging due to the discomfort caused by withdrawal symptoms. Trying to detox on your own will worsen the severity of the withdrawals. On the other hand, medical detoxification offered at Alpha Healing Center is packaged with withdrawal management for a seamless detox experience. 


    With a team of medical professionals overseeing your alcohol withdrawal, you can rest assured that you are clear from the life-threatening and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.


    Residential Treatment Facility For Alcohol De-Addiction

    Alpha Healing Center is a residential alcohol rehabilitation facility in Gujarat, India. We offer premium quality inpatient rehab services, including luxurious private rooms, a serene environment conducive for recovery, and personalised treatment programs.
    The serenity creates the ideal environment for our patients to focus on activities such as meditation, yoga, and sports. By enrolling with us, you get all these perks at affordable rates. Everyone is welcome at AHC, regardless of their status quo. Our mission is to help addiction victims regain control over their lives.

    Alcohol rehabilitation is a long-term treatment plan of action to help alcoholics or those with alcohol abuse problems to recover from their addiction. A lot of people from India find it hard to find good alcohol rehabilitation centers in the country. Get in touch with our representative to find the alcohol rehab fees in our rehab center

    The comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment program of Alpha Healing Center aims to heal body and mind simultaneously. It commences with an initial assessment of the guests wherein a counselor and a member of the center’s medical team are involved. If an individual is assessed to be physically dependent on alcohol, then he or she is required to undergo a medically supervised alcohol detox program for first few days.


    Otherwise, the individual begins with the weekly schedule of treatment and several therapies, which also includes the activities for physical fitness, art therapy, yoga and mindfulness meditation, that will together help him or her build coping skills, ensuring an individual’s absolute recovery. This rehabilitation center in India also provides an opportunity for local excursions to guests for them to revive and once again experience the adventure and thrill of life.

    When it comes to addiction treatment, time is often the essential factor. To start with the treatment, firstly the guest has to contact to a staff member so that he/she can soon commence with the journey of recovery and towards a happy & healthy life.

    The team of Alpha considers the person’s treatment confidentiality as its top priority and firmly ensures of the same. The decision of who amongst the relatives or friends will know of his/her stay in rehab is solely made by the guest.

    Even though our rehab center is incredibly luxurious, the cost of treatment is low. However, it usually depends on how long the person will have to stay for absolute recovery. And so, to acquire more information on the alcohol rehab programs, it is better to enquire it from one of the staff members of Alpha.

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