Our treatment approaches emphasize:

  • International experience of Alpha healing Center in New Jersey.
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to ensure transparency and confidentiality.
  • Residential 8-12 week program to meet individual client needs.
  • Panchkosha purification model for de-addiction and rehabilitation.
  • Ultra modern recreational facilities like indoor and outdoor sports, organic farming, Spa and massage and In-house theatre.
  • Our team of experienced counselors and psychiatrists trained under international experts

Compassion and Privacy

  • Alpha staff treat you with compassion and as an honored guest.
  • You had the courage and strength to seek recovery; we are honored to lead you on that journey
  • Alpha staff respect your privacy. No one needs to know you are at Alpha but you.

Holistic Healing Designed Specifically for You

  • Each program is designed specifically for you. You are unique. Your treatment should be too.
  • Alpha helps the whole person recover and get healthy with a wide range of strategies including innovative therapies, such as Hypnosis, Art and Music, and Behavioral Relaxation Therapy (BRT), emotional regulation techniques, interpersonal and recovery processes, psychoeducational learning, cognitive-behavior restructuring, relapse prevention, stress reduction approaches, and much more.

Experts in Treating Addiction

  • Detox experts from Duke University and Rutgers review each case on a weekly basis.
  • Our team of experienced counselors and psychiatrists train under international experts.
  • Our staff use cutting edge, science-based treatment strategies to help you recover.

Healing amidst Nature

  • With our state-of-the-art facilities, we help your mind and body become healthier with farm-to-table fresh dining, meditation, yoga, and recreational opportunities.
  • All guests enjoy private rooms with WIFI, air conditioning, laundry service, and more comforts.
  • All the recreational facilities are modern to encourage mind and body healing.
  • Alpha offers all-inclusive maid service and 24/7 staff support.


  • Alpha offers full service addiction recovery in comfort and customized programs for 30 to 60 % less than comparable services in the US, Great Britain, Australia and other countries.

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