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Relapse Prevention Program

  • Relapse Prevention

Understanding Relapse Prevention

Alpha Healing Center defines relapse prevention as tools and techniques used to help people with drug, alcohol or process addictions. You will learn how to cope with any difficulties you have during your recovery. You will also learn to effectively manage and overcome any stressors or triggers in your environment that may cause you to fall back into active addiction.

Procedure Involved During Relapse Prevention

Both cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapy are superior for teaching new tools and methods to help in real world situations that may cause relapse. In addition, a few activities related to relapse therapy treatments will also be made known and a relapse prevention plan will be constructed before departure.

The Relapse Prevention Plan

It is recommended that every client who graduates from the addiction treatment program are required to have a relapse prevention plan and the team at helps with it. It is importantly created when an individual is feeling positive in addiction recovery that prepares them for instances where it could be difficult to not relapse.

The following is included in a relapse prevention plan:

  • A concrete foundation to build a long-term recovery.
  • Determination of warning signs
  • Understanding and knowing the personal triggers
  • Management of sober time
  • Mindfulness practice
  • Physical therapy
  • Healthy eating habits

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