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Importance of Aftercare

  • Importance of Aftercare

Importance of Aftercare

Commitment to our guests extends beyond their stay with a personalized Aftercare Program that addresses any factors at home that can become be a trigger. This transitional phase is an important aspect of full recovery. We work with your doctors at home and encourage a positive lifestyle to maintain healthy living and fulfilling relationships.

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4.7 stars
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  • Today is my last day at this beautiful place . For anyone who is willing enough to change their life and come out of their addictions . This is the b... Read More
  • 23. The variety of experiential therapies offered at Alpha Healing Center, such as equine-assisted therapy and art therapy, provided unique avenues fo... Read More
  • I am a patient at the Alpha Healing Center. AMA. I am a patient at the Alpha Healing Center (had 2 years sobriety). I would love to answer any questi... Read More
  • I am very motivated and have taken the path of a de-addiction. I could let go off my old habits only because of the counselers and the center. The the... Read More

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